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tommydog, Feb 16, 8:22am
Anyone know when the next protest against the council is being organised!Seeing the (well you can't really call him a chinless wonder) .The Town Clerk out on the links again (so what if its his annual leave day) he just had a bloody hoilday on the Gold Coast.He should have been at that meeting it was important. He really has got my heckles up again I feeling so pissed off .Get off your ********* asses and sort this city out CCC.

eltorokaka, Feb 16, 8:43am
and he thought annual leave was a year off for golf.

chip8, Feb 16, 8:45am
Poor old David Lynch was just about crying on Newstalkzb tonight because Marryatt is still there.He seems obsessed.

george_me25, Feb 16, 9:30am
So Should everyone be banned from playing golf on their annual leave day! Or are you just singling him out!

tideman, Feb 16, 9:39am
But few of us can take annual leave exactly when we want to.
Mostly, it's when the employer is happy that we don't need to be at work.
But the Town Clerk can just swan of to golf when he feels like it, missing an important meeting.

cassina1, Feb 16, 9:39am
I heard on Newstalk ZB today the protest organizers have a website but am not sure of its name.

sikeres, Feb 16, 9:47am

keeley4, Feb 16, 10:06am
Do you actually have a life!Ever heard the saying, don't sweat the small stuff!

patti7, Feb 16, 10:20am
I actually think a protest against the totally inadequate EQC might be useful about now.

slimgym, Feb 16, 6:25pm
Too costly and too much effort to have new elections, its in the too hard basket,bring in commissors I say,and I hope Tony/Bobs idea for a new city has been put in file 13 where it belongs these two guys are so out of touch with christchurch people, yes I know they consulted with some chch people but only the ones that that were on the same wavelink as Tony/Bobs ideas

morganville, Feb 16, 7:38pm
Before you spout off tommydog, get your facts right. In the Press this morning says he took a half day annual leave. On page 3. I personally think this should of been on the front page, so all you so called critics could see it. Are you going to apologise. I bet not.

bookman2, Feb 16, 8:40pm
He should get busy making more films instead. Eraserhead, Wild at Heart, Twin Peaks and Mulholland Drive, among others, were great.
He should leave looking after thedemocratic rights of Christchurch people to PETER Lynch.

bookman2, Feb 16, 8:40pm
He should get busy making more films instead. Eraserhead, Wild at Heart, Twin Peaks and Mulholland Drive, among others, were very successful.
He should leave looking after thedemocratic rights of Christchurch people to PETER Lynch.

bookman2, Feb 16, 8:41pm

tommydog, Feb 16, 9:32pm
Ah yes I do actually have a life I used to have a very good one, but thanks to the CCC it has been ruined due to their ridiculous consent process that they are subjecting the business community too, (plus private citizens) and their inept ability to realise that its not normal times so why are they behaving as if it is. It is they who are sweating the small stuff when it comes to giving out consents for businesses the delays that people are experiencing is totally unexceptable due to the failure of the council to grasp that concept. Thats where Maryatt is accountable to implement a system to have businesses up and running again as fast as possible.With only 3 people issuing consents it just a bloody joke. Business interuption insurance runs out for alot of people next week and many people are going to face financial ruin through no fault of their own.

tommydog, Feb 16, 9:39pm
Please forgive me my brain musn't be getting as much country air as yours.I wonder how much your life has been effected by the quakes easy to sit on the moral high ground when you are living in an uneffected area.

kacy5, Feb 16, 10:12pm
Obviously the ones obsessed with the Mayor et all have too little to do.Get out and enjoy the sun while we still have it and get on with your lives.Stop sweating over what you can't do anything about and, if your own lives are perfect, go and help someone who is having a hard time.

sayton1, Feb 16, 10:12pm
there seems to bea lot of non chch residents on this board telling chch residents to chill out stop moaning etc .and your comment about sums it up

tmacc, Feb 16, 10:26pm
So your problem seems to be that you're not at the top of the queue and other people have lesser needs than you!

You also think your business should have a higher priority than people who have lost their homes and everything they own.Profit before people!

jen232, Feb 16, 10:32pm
It's obvious his huge salary is paying for his main interest - golf.Stuff the earthquakes and the people of Christchurch, it seems.

keeley4, Feb 16, 10:36pm
I disagree - I imagine those who are so negative on here are those who have not been affected that badly.Those I know who have been affected in the most worst of ways are trying to get on with things and are not focusing on the negatives.

patti7, Feb 16, 10:44pm
I didn't get that from Tommydog's posts at all. It seems to me that she is in great danger of losing her home too because of loss of business. I don't think she expects to be at the top of queue but just wants action. Did it occur to you that businesses provide work for others too - and most people need a job to live!

tmacc, Feb 16, 10:55pm
As an employer, I'm well aware of keeping people in work.

bookman2, Feb 17, 12:05am
Helping someone having a hard time is commendable. Please stop your preaching and go and practice it.
Maybe people want the mayor and council changed because they see that will help not just a few individuals, but tens of thousands of people.

morganville, Feb 17, 12:15am
Well seeing we have family in Christchurch, and have donated money, baking, clothes etc to the people there, I think outsiders have a right to have a say about what is going on. Just remember it was when Gary Moore was Mayor that Mr Maryatt was appointed.Also we could have an earthquake at anytime. Also the Golf tournament would of been planned some time ago.

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