What is your school doing to mark the 22 Feb

stefanie1, Feb 14, 8:38pm
Just wondering what some schools are doing.

one of mine doing shared/picnic lunch parents and children

sunshinemegs, Feb 14, 8:38pm
Nothing has been mentioned as yet

melp6, Feb 14, 8:39pm
Primary-no idea

Secondary-I *think* one period has been put aside for rememberance. They don't need a special day, they remember it every time they walk in!

mbos, Feb 14, 8:43pm
Nothing has been mentioned, and I must check it out.To be honest, I'll be happy if they go with their usual Modus Operandi and pretend that everything in the garden is as rosy as it ever was.Be just my luck though, that they'd decide to have a full on disaster fest!

granny98, Feb 14, 8:57pm
On Good Morning yesterday, I saw an item that suggests we put flowers in the tops of road cones on the 22nd, this idea comes from a Mr H Sunderland, alongside his idea to decorate the cones at xmas.
As for the schools, i don't know--- perhaps a minutes silence to remember!

jill5, Feb 14, 8:58pm
Intermediate is doing a small service and a special thought for Jayden (!) boy who was crushed on bus who was a student there in his Intermediate years and then a mins silence at 12.51.

charlieb2, Feb 14, 9:20pm
Secondary is having a short memorial service.Primary. probably nothing

mbos, Feb 14, 9:28pm
Charlie, OT, but re the Cathedral, Stuff have an article today where they were talking to the Bishop.I bowed out of that thread, and pretty much out of TM last night, because I was feeling very emotional and het up, and it would have gone nowhere good if I'd carried on!

micnic, Feb 14, 9:37pm
I believe my daughters school is involved in the river of flowers tribute

charlieb2, Feb 15, 12:13am
aww hope you are ok today, darling!Thanks for the tip off re: Stuff, will go have a look

kimmyflo, Feb 15, 1:37am
Our primary sent a notice saying it was ok for parents to remove children from class early to go to the council memorials.they also inculded an important reminder that children should not be watching constant television coverage of the horrors of the 22nd and following days.a wise point.

craftylady1, Feb 15, 1:43am
EXACTLY.esp not be4 bedtime. Thats what a psycologist told me at a community meeting

mbos, Feb 15, 2:16am
Mine aren't allowed to watch ANY of it.Only Miss 8 has seen even a book.I figure chance exposure, and just driving around is illuminating enough for the poor little sods!

nats62, Feb 15, 2:39am
Your child must go to the same school as my daughter, as that is what they are doing. I am not going to go though. I might just sit at home and think by myself.

bandrach, Feb 15, 2:48am
Special assembly outdoors gathering at 12.45, then 2 min silence at 12.51, then continuing on with play!

angeb2, Feb 15, 2:55am
Honestly I hope there us nothing done, if parents want to come and get their children then great, but we have come so far with the trauma of that day I don't want my girl to revisit it. Will only bring back sad memories for her. I however will be doing something special with my younger one who knows no better, to pay our respects. Edited to add this is for a younger ones, 6 now but was 5 at the time:)

lyttelton2, Feb 15, 5:23am
Releasing 185 helium ballons at 12.51pm with messages tied to them.

jill5, Feb 15, 5:35am
SIS!I will be home alone too I think - my heart will be to full to be with others I reckon.

chch_returnee, Feb 17, 5:08am
Just found out today that Hagley College is closing for the day. Not sure if Heathcote is doing anything but my son won't be there that day because for the first time ever I am taking him out of school for his Birthday and South Intermediate is planting a tree.

alaanag, Feb 17, 10:10am
Snap - what a co-incidence! Primary doing a minutes silence - tried to explain to A about it, dont think she really 'gets' what the being silent for minute is for though, I dont know that I explained it very well!

melp6, Feb 17, 8:19pm
Primary-Red and Black day, minute silence. They will also reflect on it

gaspodetwd, Feb 17, 8:24pm
Snap! Maybe our children go the same school!

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