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matsm_gachr, Feb 14, 8:27am
Thought I would share a link here of Japan's rebuild 11 months after there Earthquake and tsunami.


chip8, Feb 14, 8:44am
Thanks for that. Looks more like a clean up than a rebuild, but they have done really well.

ernval, Feb 14, 8:45am
Amazing, took so long to get all the pictures tho. you wouldnt think they had a tsunami in some pictures. with the hard work. If they can do it so can CHCH!

alfie10, Feb 14, 8:45am
Goes to show what can be done when ur organised and just get on with it.

room41, Feb 14, 8:46am
Worth scrolling down to the "then" and "now photos".Amazing what's been achieved in 11 months.

eltorokaka, Feb 14, 8:57am
.man its waaaay more thatn just a clean up!.look all the new services and replaced power poles street signs footpaths etc.the thing is they fix it straight after an event without thinking about the cost or if the chance of another event will wreak it again.east side still hammered 16mths later.

tillsbury, Feb 14, 9:25am
Let me guess, they don't have EQC, right!

konini2, Feb 14, 9:25am
What an amazing "transformation".Don't want to politicise this, but maybe if Bob The Builder and Merry Marryatt went to Japan to "learn" how to do things properly, Christchurch might be the great place it was even earlier.Maybe Gerry, Roger and Ian should also tag along

jcmp21, Feb 14, 9:27am
They don't. I don't think they have insurance at all. I might be wrong on the insurance part, but I think they don't.

kacy5, Feb 14, 9:51am
They also have millions more people and as the tsunami washed everything away they didn't have to get engineers involved to check buildings.Many of the 'ordinary' people are still doing it hard with food shortages etc.Don't envy them, they probably envy us even with our delays etc.

jcmp21, Feb 14, 10:00am
You realise they had ONE tsunami that did all the damage and not thousands of earthquakes don't you! You also know a tsunami wont devastate the land or the infrastructure below it don't you! Perhaps you could give Orion a call and ask how many power poles they replaced in Canterbury and how many new ones they put in also, you may be surprised and how many were done here.

tillsbury, Feb 14, 10:09am
Nonsense, of course they have insurance - this is a developed country.The insured losses from the EQ alone are estimated at us$39 billion, plus the tsunami.EQ insurance is optional though, and there is a government scheme whereby all insurers cross-subsidise each other (so one doesn't keel over like ami when 'their' town is hit.The government subsidise significantly in the event of huge claims, and reserve the right to pro-rata payouts in extreme cases.This kind of arrangement would work well here, so you can deal with your insurer and the insurers sort the reinsurance out between themselves and the govt.One point of contact is the key.

jcmp21, Feb 14, 10:10am
Do you have info on land insurance!

deerhurst, Feb 14, 10:12am
Looks at pictures and clearly can see power poles in both during the disaster and the photos after the "clean up". So not sure where all these replaced poles you are talking about.

mattthetubaguy, Feb 14, 10:16am
Looks like mostly clearing, not rebuilding.
You cannot compare CHCH to Japan.
CHCH has done well, especially considering it has had to deal with multiple events, the last one less than 2 months ago.

speedwayfan1, Feb 14, 1:04pm
We don't have the man power, motivation or resources to clean up and rebuild as quick as Japan has. Not to mention Japan has all sorts of plans already done for disasters like they've had, they get the ball rolling pretty much the day after. We on the other hand seem to be too busy giving pay rises to people who don't need it, debating cardboard cathedrals, planning a big tramway and leaving residents in limbo or with crappy 'repairs'.

steelman3, Feb 14, 4:24pm
Japanese are amazing people full stop

eltorokaka, Feb 14, 6:41pm
since you know so much about the event,youll know that when the quake hit they had shaking on the coast with strength of a mag 7 for 4to5 mins straight! I know this because i was there and saw first hand the massive infrasturcture repair within days to highways roads power etc.people who think it all got swept away are misinformed.

eltorokaka, Feb 14, 6:43pm
.you also forgot a zero.repair to damage is estimated at 380 billion.

kiwicarol, Feb 14, 7:26pm
we dont have people living in shelters like they still do en masse.

blueskyjoy, Feb 14, 8:15pm
This is a visualisation of the shocks and after shocks of the pacific ring of fire in the last year. Check out Japan.

bantamus, Feb 14, 8:17pm
+1 and combine that with the overall size of Japans economy and population to support the clean up, there is a HUGE difference , and remember to add in the fact the tsunami meant that most areas where piles of debris, so a lot easier than assessing thousands of damaged buildings. these pictures are what they want the world to see.

jo7, Feb 14, 8:50pm
It's 14 mins long, but this shows the other side of the japan cleanup.A mini documentary.Was posted in general the other day.


freedomaira320, Feb 14, 8:54pm
Correct. The rebuild has barely started there. What they've done, and done well, is get the mess cleaned up and roads and infrastructure repaired. They have a long, long way to go yet.

male_timaru, Feb 14, 9:15pm
We don't have 120 Million as a population either .

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