People that are obcessed with earthquakes


boardrider, Feb 13, 8:59 pm

There's little or no point in basing any talk on a single event such as we are experiencing - a regional earthquake sequence. A single event needs to be compared with a large number of similar events for any sense to be made of it,. and to get any degree of reliable forecasting.

totaranui2003, Feb 14, 1:06 pm

sounds more like DENIAL to me - try to ignore and forget - not something i will be doing - i am learning and interested for my own hobby and informaiton

not obsessed but intrigued as to the pattern like behaviour and even more puzzled by the fact that patterns are out there and are quite obvious too .

male_timaru, Feb 14, 6:22 pm

I agree. The problem with earthquakes is that we simply don't have enough records.
Weather can be forecast fairly accurately these days, but weather happens on the scale of hours, days and weeks.
Earthquakes on the other hand happen on the scale of centuries and millennia. we simply don't have enough data yet to make accurate forecasts, especially for our unusual sequence.
So far, only the largest events can be predicted with poor accuracy. in places like Japan, where records go back thousands of years, the frequency of large events can be used to forecast when future events are likely to happen. When you don't have written records, it is still possible to use natural evidence, which is how the Alpine Fault ruptures have been dated. this can only tell you when you would expect a quake to happen though, which is almost always different to when it actually happens, but it is a start.

mattthetubaguy, Feb 14, 7:36 pm

There's enough regional earthquake sequences in modern times to compare ours to, and to make some reasonably accurate forecasts about where ours might be headed.

totaranui2003, Feb 14, 8:35 pm

. yes a bit like us all on trade me threads.

matthew111, Feb 14, 8:44 pm

What do you think about those people that spend the whole day telling us about every single earthquake that happens around the world.i think they lead very very sad lives

gordy8252, Apr 12, 9:17 pm

I don't understand it, but each to their own I guess.

pommie74, Apr 12, 9:18 pm

AGREED dont think its healthy personally!

lukestuart181, Apr 12, 9:18 pm

Strange, earthquakes have always happened, I don't see the point at looking at every single earthquake that has happened around the world.

freggo, Apr 12, 9:21 pm

This thread will get some people going *waits for abuse to begin* lol

kenny92, Apr 12, 9:22 pm


lukestuart181, Apr 12, 9:22 pm

Isn't that why it was started!

addington261, Apr 12, 9:26 pm

I think it is very sad when someone is so obsessed. It must be sheer hell sitting at a computer damn near 24 hrs a day watching for earthquakes anywhere in the world just so that they can post it on an MB, especially when said person is on dial up, it must be even more painfull.

chip8, Apr 12, 9:28 pm

I'm going to start another thread entitled, "People that are obsessed with obsessed people starting threads about earthquakes and other obsessions" lol.

paddaricko, Apr 12, 9:28 pm

Agree.,personally not into earthquake hunting but each to their own.

simba79, Apr 12, 9:30 pm

They may be perfectly happy lol.We've all got our hobbies. personally I don't see the attraction in collecting Royal Doulton china, but am happy someone gets pleasure from it.

bob955, Apr 12, 9:30 pm

LOL! Good one. =D

original-kiwi, Apr 12, 9:31 pm

LOL.or maybe a what do you think of people that start threads aimed at sh#t stirring!

simba79, Apr 12, 9:32 pm

Ah ha that will be it!

lukestuart181, Apr 12, 9:33 pm

Likes. kind of like beating your head on a brick wall and hoping to get some kind of thrill from it but at the same time being scared to do it.think it's called compulsion.masochism

taipan4, Apr 12, 9:46 pm

I spoke to a psychologist re this topic.and he said.fear leads to paranoia, which leads to obsession. Filling their minds with a certain this case earthquakes, by reading and filling thier mind with said topic, will eventually lead to major problems.
He then went on to say that the worst thing a person who has become obsessed with a topic such as this, is to fill their mind with more stuff that will feed their fears. These people deny their fear and say.Im just interested in finding out all about it.
He told NOT read everything about e/qs, do NOT watch every single news clip that has e/q footage, do NOT look up websites re e/qs.
He then said.keep busy, do lots of walking, exercise, stay off computer as much as possible, and do NOT sit and wait for the next 1, but get back to normal asap

craftylady1, Apr 13, 6:32 am

morning crafty.very interesting, sounds like good advice

I guess it also depends who is getting obsessed. if it is people not in or from chch, outsiders, if could be there way of dealing with it.everyone deals with it in there own well.

val14, Apr 13, 6:43 am

Morning are u! Im just off to the gym.just found earphones that grand daughter had hidden in her little nook of hidden

craftylady1, Apr 13, 6:50 am

I'm really good, thanks crafty. been doing so much better, how about you! I should email you again, been ages it seems

val14, Apr 13, 6:55 am

So this one woke me up
* eference Number: 3495541
* NZST: Tue, Apr 12 2011 5:58 am
* Magnitude: 3.2
* Depth: 7 km
* Details: 10 km east of Christchurch


* Reference Number: 3495305
* NZST: Mon, Apr 11 2011 6:10 pm
* Magnitude: 3.7
* Depth: 8 km
* Details: 20 km west of Christchurch

and I felt this while watching the news last night

So I must be obsessed

tradertech, Apr 13, 7:08 am

Anyway i'm off out walking, to the shops, where I'll find twice as many people as before Feb 22,and then I'll come back & go out again to fill the car, cause it's important to keep it topped up in case we have another episode of not being able to get any petrol.and then I'll be prepared again so I can go dancing.
But I sure wont be watching that thread about where the rest of the quakes in the world are

tradertech, Apr 13, 7:14 am

Just make sure u top on with bread.and esp milk coz its going up next is butter and other dairy products.and no doubt there will be a rush on petrol so we can all run away from the tsunamis.let alone the price will no doubt go up anytime soon

craftylady1, Apr 13, 8:36 am

craftylady1, Apr 13, 8:40 am

LOl @ title of this thread.could have read.abcessed with earthquakes

craftylady1, Apr 13, 8:42 am

*runs around in circles* OMG OMG I JUST FELT AN EARTHQUAKE!

ness315, Apr 13, 8:52 am

Make sure u have petrol in the car!

craftylady1, Apr 13, 8:58 am

hahaha!Yeah :-)
I think that the things you say, show more about YOURSELF, than the person who the comment is directed at.

bob955, Apr 13, 9:59 am

And that you have

jcmp21, Apr 13, 10:15 am

So from this, I take it that all of the people who are not discussing earthquakes, are actually the ones really feeling the fear!I would agree with this advice for those who are freaked- that would be ONE way of helping their issues with it.(I use this one).
I also know people who were scared of spiders (for instance). They learn all they can about them, so REMOVING the phobia, because they understand spiders and accept them for what they are, and they come to mean something different in the persons mind- something less threatening.
So I reckon, different strokes for different folks.

bob955, Apr 13, 10:16 am

That's how I read the title - the 'o' became an 'a'.
"People that are abcessed with earthquakes".
(seems that way with some, when it becomes obsessive)

autumnwinds, Apr 13, 10:21 am

Im just biding time til i pick up MIL to take her shopping.and to have lunch at the mall. Been to gym, house is tidy and looking forward to spending some time with my grand daughter on this fine sunny day

craftylady1, Apr 13, 10:22 am

there's a huge difference with a little healthy educational interest and an obsessive (every thread) daily (hourly!) avid and consuming interest, though.

autumnwinds, Apr 13, 10:24 am

But there is a difference between discussing something and what could be considered an obsession. Using the spider analogy, OK it can help to learn about something to help with the fear, but what would you think of the person if they then started to report on spider webs throughout the neighbourhood, and that 3 or 4 webs in the next street could mean we might get 3 or 4 webs on our street.
Knowledge can be power, but not all "knowledge" needs to be shared, speculation and skewed interpretations can be harmful.

dragon500, Apr 13, 10:33 am

Who would it be harmful for!No-one here needs to read obviously "dodgy" threads that may scare them- do they TRY to freak themselves out!The bottom line is:YOU DON'T HAVE TO READ THEM lol.
If you seek them out, you've got to ask what your motives are. ie.What do you personally get from reading this stuff that you don't like!

bob955, Apr 13, 10:49 am

I love logic and actual fact.
However, some of the best discoveries were based on observation- whether by conventional or unconventional methods- I would hate to see people stop looking.I might not take too much notice of their observations until I see a logical conclusion though, cos logic makes me feel "safe".
But then I believe that in most cases, the "thinking brain is merely re-arranging it's prejudices" lol.
But lets not stop looking and observing- whatever we do with that info.

bob955, Apr 13, 11:02 am

Not harmful to me personally but I deal with some vulnerable people in my job, ones that unfortunately think if it's on the internet it must be true, and get a little freaked out with the "could be in for another big one" comments - if you had to deal with that, then you would understand what I mean.

dragon500, Apr 13, 11:02 am

And your job is to educate them to NOT believe all that they read!Surely by confronting their fears, seeing where those fears really stem from, would also be useful!In my experience,I can be "told" many things, but until I live it and see whether those attitudes "work" for me in my life, I will be disabled by them.

bob955, Apr 13, 11:07 am

I have had to deal with it Dragon- because that is me! lol.I stopped reading stuff that scared me!

bob955, Apr 13, 11:11 am

Not everything is that straight forward. I'm talking about people who sometimes struggle to make simple day to day decisions, add in the memory loss, and you are having to confront their fears nearly everyday.

dragon500, Apr 13, 11:12 am

People with mental illness or brain injury!They have a harder job of it, I'm sure.Occupational therapy is great for these instances.
I still don't believe we should all shut-up to pander to ANY one group.

bob955, Apr 13, 11:18 am

Glad to hear you made that decision. Not everyone can actually make that connection and avoid what could be scaring them, those are the people I'm concerned about.
Anyway people are entitled to their opinions/views and are free to post them, can't change that, I do it myself, though it would be nice if people thought of the wider impact before they posted, and a bit if fact doesn't go astray.

Edited to add, I don't recall saying people had to shut up, maybe just be more aware of what they post, and some people really show their true colours with what they post, don't they!

dragon500, Apr 13, 11:19 am

Reference Number 3993472
Universal Time April 12 2011 at 11:15
NZ Standard Time Friday, April 12 2011 at 11:15 am
Latitude, Longitude 370.65°S, 1240.63°E
Focal Depth 440 km
Richter magnitude 0.05
Location: Middle of Nowhere

10 km east of: Just about there
190 km north of: just past there

jcmp21, Apr 13, 11:20 am

Well best wishes in your work- I hope you get time to help them "make the connection".Or something else to make their lives less tormenting.

bob955, Apr 13, 11:24 am

Thanks, I hope so as well, have managed with a few.

dragon500, Apr 13, 11:31 am