Vero : contents claim delay tactics

rmd4, Feb 13, 6:56am
Has anyone had trouble getting VERO to pay their contents claim! Last Feburary we lost our home and about half the contents. I have spent hundreds of hours preparing our contents claim, but VERO just fumbles around and has one excuse after another for not giving us a final settlement. Are any other VERO customersgoing thru this too with their contents claim! We are preparing a complaint for the Insurance Ombudsman.

needmoretime, Feb 13, 7:18am
nope but have with STATE.Still going well over a year later.We are claiming contents for the Sept Quake.Friggen joke huh!

for insurance woes.

rmd4, Feb 13, 7:23am
thanks for the link. Sorry to hear about what's happening for you.

sheeprus, Feb 13, 7:23am
We had all our contents claim from the Sept 2010 quake settled and paid by Feb last year and it was WELL over the EQC contents limit - Guess we were just lucky!

needmoretime, Feb 13, 7:26am
Who was your insurer!and yes very very lucky.We are in a battle over their pathetic attempts at retrieving our stuff from our double red stickered home they told us not to go into to retrieve stuff they were not getting out (too unsafe!), and when the claim started to proceed got told we had abandoned our stuff to the demolitin team.Like fruitcakes we did!$2500 to our lawyer on the day only to try and get it sorted.New 'independant' assessor coming this week.Should be interesting.

rmd4, Feb 13, 7:38am
The Fair Insurance Code says all claims must be dealt with quickly and fairly. Has anyone heard of this.!

needmoretime, Feb 13, 8:49am
Yep - doesn't stop it happening though.and the lawyers bills to get something achieved makes it even more criminal to me.and they get away with it.

bunny36, Feb 13, 7:56pm
We are with Vero.Had no problem with contents claim.But our house claim is another story.We are in the red zone so have no other chose but to move.We have decided to rebuild and now Vero are trying to tell us we are not insured for fences driveway paths etc.We have it in writing that we are so it is now in the Lawyers hands to sort out.

bigrichie, Feb 13, 8:51pm
use the insurance ombudsman, that's what they are there for and most claims are sorted in days. You can get info on how to contact them and make a submission on line - just use good old google - and it is free.

rmd4, Feb 14, 6:14pm
Hi bunny36, we are agreen zone rebuild (which means months or years yet before VERO will discuss the rebuild with us) . However we also have fences etc in our VERO contract . I'm keen to know how you get on. And ifVERO is paying for your lawyer. Can we talk sometime please.!

bunny36, Feb 14, 7:48pm
Hi rmd4.We are insured with Vero but our problem is we got our insurance from Mike Pero and they are shit to deal with.When we got our insurance they only insured the house.We have a large double garage and carport that has never been insured.We can accept half the blame for that but if the salesman was doing is job right he should of said have you outbuilding etc and that would have got us saying yes but never mind now its to late and we cant do anything about that.Put Vero said no landscaping, fences, paths etc was included but we have a pamlet from Mike Pero with what our policy includes and there it is in black and white we are covered.The Lawyer is fighting over that for us at Mo.We not that happy with what we have to rebuild with and having to remortgage a large amount to do this but we keep thinking well we would never have built a house and this is our chance to

rmd4, Feb 14, 8:54pm
Hi bunny36, I am sorry to hear you are having to go through this. I hope the lawyer can get you what you are entitled to. It seems to me like someone should pay for the landscaping etc. whether it is Mike Pero or VERO.I was told by our loss adjustor that if the demolishers damaged the garden, paths, clothes line, etc during the process of clearing the land, that VERO would pay up to $1500 on the plants etc and we would 'talk about the rest ' later.Trouble is , they wont talk to us about the house at all now.
Can I ask what area you are building in ! Our problem was we had an old brick house that fell apart. Engineer reports say our land is fine- there was no liquefaction, land slide or danger or rock fall- and we have structural engineers approving our architects design but VERO says it will be many months before they are even willing to talk money with people in our area ( Cashmere) . Meanwhile, like so many other people, we pay rent. On the upside,my contents claim was settled finally this morning.

bunny36, Feb 15, 7:42pm
We are in the red zone in Kaiapoi and lucky to get a section out here at Sovereign Palms. We are ment to start building at end of month

bob, Oct 8, 2:38am
Calling all Vero "insured" Christchurch Multi Dwelling Unit owners! Settled or unsettled claims please make contact- possible group action required to get what you are entitled to and hold them responsible.
Facebook- Bobby Bobson, Christchurch.

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