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corvette3, Feb 12, 6:48am
Now wait for the council and thePC bregade to condemn me.
The City as you knew it prior to Feb 22nd was an ok place. Now it looks like Boznia,and I know as I work in the REDZONE,cordon each day operating a Crane in the most dangerous situations.When we enter the CBD we have to show an ID tag that has to be worn all the time and if and when we leave the CBD our ID tag have to be shown and recorded on leaving the CBD.Our Tags are issued through CERA.With the warning of IF and When the next BIG QUAKE happens there is NO garantee for our safety.

jamesnmatt, Feb 12, 6:51am
you'd probably complain if they were less stringent on their policy too wouldn't you!

kiwicarol, Feb 12, 6:53am
no quarantees for anyones safety anywhere in the world be it Christchurch or Timbuctoo.
Most have a pretty good idea of what the cbd looks like so I don't quite get your point.

corvette3, Feb 12, 6:53am
Try working in the CBD instead of making some DUMB ARSE COMMENT.And what policy are you on about !

kiwicarol, Feb 12, 6:54am
wow take a chill pill and if you don't like working there get another job

mattthetubaguy, Feb 12, 6:55am

I guess just hope that the small big pattern continues if there are going to be more.

starry7, Feb 12, 7:01am
Always wear your safety helmuts at all times. !
*Better Rebuilding Everyone*

corvette3, Feb 12, 7:01am
You have NO IDEA what it is like in there.Chill Pill doesn't cut it but once more again I get Some DUMB ARSEcalled KIWICAROL.Its your City Fix it cause I am sick of trying to fix your shithole city.Get off your Arse and take a look because what you see on the outside is totally stupid BITCH

jamesnmatt, Feb 12, 7:02am
I'll use nice small words so they aren't too hard for you to grasp.

Their policy is the checking in - and out - of you on your ID tag as you come in and out of town.

You strike me as someone who would whine if they just let you through with out any checks or balances.

sw20, Feb 12, 7:04am
u mad bro!

pommie74, Feb 12, 7:07am

starry7, Feb 12, 7:08am
Gee mate. is that battlle fatigue !

antonios1, Feb 12, 7:08am
Voted for abusive nature of post.

drcjp, Feb 12, 7:09am
Having a mullett will do strange things to you after a while.

corvette3, Feb 12, 7:09am
FUCK OFF people have no understanding what so ever.and I do know that we get checked in and checked out each day for safety reasons.We are working on buildings to make them safe or safely deconstructing live and learn or fuck off idiot.I haven't seen you in the CBD.Show your face and your comment

sunnychch, Feb 12, 7:10am
whoa, thats pretty rude, I understand your job is stressful but if its sooo bad maybe work elsewhere, there must be plenty of demands for your job, maybe relocation to another city if you feel its such a shithole city.Plenty of us are doing our own bit in trying to reestablish this city !

shell342, Feb 12, 7:11am
someones had one to many .

starry7, Feb 12, 7:11am
Respect for whatyou are doing Corvette. but it is not the peoples fault, it was Ma Natures *fault* that caused it all.

sunnychch, Feb 12, 7:12am
simple, get another job, leave the city and don't go abusing people as you are ! wonder how your employer would view your comments , not nice at all !

kiwicarol, Feb 12, 7:12am
not something I would usually do but op yourposts have been reportedby me. Totally uncalled for abuse. Any one is welcome to vent away and share a problem but you have gone beyond the pale here

felicityb89, Feb 12, 7:13am
I do because i work in there and yes it may be scary but remember every time you go in its at your own risk.

bucca11, Feb 12, 7:13am
I agree and I have also voted :)

mikechch, Feb 12, 7:13am
sounds like a Southern Demolition staffer to me . just their style (when they are not thieving, that is)

corvette3, Feb 12, 7:14am
Fuck your Christchurch City.I hope that all You Cuntabs fend for your selves and A mullet dickhead get real

mikechch, Feb 12, 7:15am
yup, sounds JUST like Southern Demo

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