O/T Snails for a school project.

sikeres, Feb 10, 5:39am
My son came home this afternoon and said he needed 15 snails for a science project.They are to be observed and studied not hurt or killed.

Now not being a snail or green finger type person, where does one begin to look to find 15 snails!I find the odd one in my garden but 15!

Is there a particular type of garden area that they like!And no, we don't have a vege patch.

Thanks for any help or advice with our snail hunt.

Oops, also forgot, once we catch them what do we put them!An icecream container with some lettuce leaves!Would this be feasible!

ness315, Feb 10, 5:43am
look for damp places like under a pile of rocks, retaining walls, amongst the base of plants like flaxes or agapanthus, amongst long grass and weeds. as for where to keep them a couple of ice cream containers with a few air holes in the lids with a few fresh lettuce leaves will be ok. i did a snail study in school too once lol
oh and if he needs to individually identify any a dab of twink on the shell will help him with that

sikeres, Feb 10, 5:45am
Thanks ness315.

15 different dabs/swirls of twink - the mind boggles!

BTW, can you recall what your study involved!

fepixie, Feb 10, 6:09am
do you have outside plants in pots! - theres quite often snails to be found if you lift up the pot and look under - or around the edges of the saucer.

snails are nocturnal - so you may see them wandering about at night - especially if the ground is wet - watch out for their shiney trails int he morning you might be able to follow where they go.

snails also love beer - its a common garden trick to leave a saucer of beer out for the snails - they get drunk and dont make it back to their hiding spots by morning when the birdies come and catch em - but thats not the scenario you want - so perhaps something like a bit of cardboard soaked in beer and popped on a damp spot on the lawn overnight - you will maybe find snails when you lift it up in the morning.maybe make a wee tent of wet cardboard and stick a rock on either side so the birdies dont flip it looking for them before you get up.

they like chewing wet paper too. and dont like dry things - so maybe a bit of damp paper in your icecream container would be nice for em too :)

sikeres, Feb 10, 6:41am
Thanks fepixie, just sorted the beer and setting a "trap" for the wee things.

Blimey, 15 snails!I hope we find that many.

Think I may have to do a school run that day, as Mister almost-15 cycling with a container or two of snails does not fear thinking about!

lazkaz, Feb 10, 6:43am
oh for goodness sake, just name them and write names on them.ha ha

sikeres, Feb 10, 7:36am
ha ha, lazkaz, magnifying glass and very fine twink brush!!!!!

I get it!Little Snail A, little Snail B, all thw way thru to Little Snail O!That's 15, I think!

Ok, have bottle of beer and now out to set up a snail trap.Wish me luck, as I've hardly seen a snail in Christchurch.

gaspodetwd, Feb 10, 7:39am
We have plenty! What part of Chch are you in! We even have them in our letter box!

lambrat, Feb 10, 7:39am
got any bricks in the shade at your place!
mine are piled under a tree so there are leaves mixed in there too. i moved a brick the other day when i was getting a couple of broken ones to toss into the red bin . and found a whole posse of snails in one place.

sikeres, Feb 10, 7:41am
I'm in the Bryndwr/Burnside/Fendalton Bermuda triangle on Clyde Road, sort of opposite the Fendalton library.

sikeres, Feb 10, 7:43am
We have no bricks as our neighbours' builders used them to rebuild their chimneys after the September 2010 quakes only to have the chimneys collapse into their house in the February 2011 quake.

I will ask my neighbours if we can look amongst their bricks in their garden if we have no luck with the beer trap.

gaspodetwd, Feb 10, 8:38am
When we lived in Fendalton I remember we never saw snails - a massive amount of slugs but no snails. Here in northshore we never see slugs but we have snails.

ness315, Feb 10, 9:11am
be careful with the beer traps I used to use them to trap and drown the snails in the garden.at least they died happy lol.
ummm from memory (and it was a million years ago) we studied their mating habits, reactions to certain chemicals ie if they were attracted or repelled by them, their biology, movement, habitats and so on. my classmates would set up snail races in class when the teachers werent looking lol

sikeres, Feb 10, 9:32am
Woohoo!Found Mr almost-15 doesn't have to take the snails to school, has to do the study at home.

Blimey, a class of 30 with 15 snails, multiplied by, at the most, 10, the number of classes in the year group studying the same subject, and we are talking an awful lot of snails on one property!

I don't think the school caretaker would be too chuffed as I'm sure there would several escapees.Hence, the study/observation at home, me thinks.

And, don't snails breed like rabbits, or am I wrong!Maybe, I should sit back and watch my son's science project and learn.

The only thing I know about snails translates to escargot and garlic butter!

lyttelton2, Feb 10, 10:02am
We have a never ending battle with snails - even on the paddling pool. Maybe we could set up an auction for you ;) - we also seem to have an abundance of slaters this year - know idea why as there is no wood anywhere. Could also find you far too many white tails if you like!

lambrat, Feb 10, 10:19am
i found a whopping white tail in the bathroom tonight
edit typo

redphoenix3, Feb 10, 10:34am
i have pond snails if you want a different type i think u could keep themin an icecream container with a bit of water and leafy plants

mamabiff, Feb 10, 7:02pm
what on earth will you do with 15 snails once you finish his study!!

pynylopy, Feb 10, 7:29pm
put them back where they came from!!

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