Christchurch City Council Building Inspectors

darkmuff, Feb 9, 4:53am
Christchurch City Council Building Inspectors + CTV Building Collapse = GO FIGURE !

These guys are highly paid and can let something like this slip through their fingers !

kiwicarol, Feb 9, 4:56am
have you not seen some of their so called building inspections. They are the claytons variety of which i have had first hand experience

golfaholic2, Feb 9, 4:59am
That type of building will often be signed off by an Engineer , will be beyond the ability of a CCC inspector.

Though I could be wrong though as I'm not on site for the entire project

tommydog, Feb 9, 5:22am
Leaky homes you can add them to the list as well.Sack the lot of them and get some proper builders with master builders qualifications to do the job.

golfaholic2, Feb 9, 5:26am
Played golf a couple of years ago with a Canadian scientist here continuing his thesis on leaky homes/buildings .he told me a lot of the time the problem isnt buildings leaking , it's buildings that are airtight .condensation causing the problems .especially back home where it freezes on top of frozen condensation , over and over for weeks,then the thaw and a burst pipe is assumed, only to find its not

tommydog, Feb 9, 11:43pm
Canda from memory had a big problem with leaky buildings as well .

chip8, Feb 9, 11:49pm
Canada's problems were in full flight just as we started using these plaster systems. We should have learnt from them, but we didn't.

darkmuff, Feb 10, 4:45am
Just heard on radio Council Inspectors are to be investigated

rsr72, Feb 10, 4:53am
Was a shonky design with too-small, weak, concrete pillars which readily shatter under stress, no matter how much steel could be put in them.

We must give up our infatuation with building in cheap, weak, concrete, and only use steel for multi-storey buildings in future.

articferrit, Feb 10, 5:55am
When we moved to ChCh I paid for a LIM report(1st time ever) and bought a house based on it, It was the biggest load of rubbish I had ever read! When things began to go wrong, I went and read all the builders notes etc at the council offices and everything I queried had never been checked, despite the LIM report saying it had! eg no one was home for the final inspection so the inspector just signed the job off as being ok, which it wasnt, he didnt check that the floor had been strengthened , new piles, culvert piped, correct land assessments done and approved, none of it done, Lawyer said the council use Auckland lawyers for cases like this, because every time I wanted to raise a problem I would need to go to Auckland and the council would keep doing it until I ran out of money. No accountability! wont fall for that one again.

jcmp21, Feb 10, 6:01am
The pillars "should" have held in the earthquake if the steel re-enforcing was better. The steel inside was lacking as it spiralled up with too much of a gap between each loop and was (I think) too thin. I believe this meant that the concrete could crumble out easier and the entire column then fails.

guest, May 6, 1:08pm
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