Just had full EQC assessment

cloffie, Feb 9, 12:19am
oh charlie here it be!lol!

kiwicarol, Feb 9, 12:29am
glad to hear it went well. another hurdle in the steeplechase course over. Hope it continues in this vain for you.

charlieb2, Feb 9, 1:31am
hee heee heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee <<<<<< thats hysterical laughter by the way. *waits for the big one*

ambrose, Feb 9, 2:12am
Still waiting for February's assessment, last February, that is.

cloffie, Feb 9, 2:40am
CHAARLLEEEEEE! 'Snot a laughing matter you norty girl
see poor frustratedbobsicle is in this thread as well

cloffie, Jun 13, 11:36pm
I have just had a three and a half hourEQC assessment.
awesome FAR FAR SUPERIORto any of the 4 assessors that have swanned through here via the insurers.
they talked to me about my concerns and went through my notes from September that I had written,measured,talked to me again, went through each room,explained as they finished each room, the roof and yeah they WENT UNDER THE HOUSE! and found damage to the pilesthat I have been worried about explained about the land the wayward well.
Before I signed the writerwent through every detail written down once again.

charlieb2, Jun 13, 11:37pm
Oh fantastic cloffie, I'm so pleased that you have had a good assessment.You've put up with so much cr@p from your insurers. Hopefully things will be a bit more straight forward now.

samargh, Jun 13, 11:39pm
Awesome. that beats our 45 min assessment - we thought it was an hour and a half but it's noted down onour SOW as 45 mins.

Fingers crossed things get moving for you now hon.

cc7, Jun 13, 11:42pm
That's awesome, hopefully its all positive from here on in for you.

cloffie, Jun 14, 12:33am
the battle is not over with the insurers believe me!The b*******ds told me I could not put and EQC claim in because they deemed my entire propertyand smacked my preiums from $700 per annum to $4,800 in December on my anual renewal commercial right down to me bloomin knickers! but excludng my land damage I had an urgent call from my September EQC case manager just before cut off date to inform me that I WAS eligible
the EQC repairs are unlikely to be done by Fletchers until the end of the year but hey!I dont care at least I know!

cloffie, Jun 14, 12:34am
The case manager put the claim in for me and supplied me with the claim number

mybubbarox, Jun 14, 12:36am
This is the first time I've heard they actually went under the house!

Hope you get your repairs sooner than that
Nice to know what you're looking at though

cloffie, Jun 14, 12:40am
I know everyone has had to deal with awful circustances some a damn sight worse than mine but I have had cope with Mrcloffie being really sick in hospital since 17th January he was evacuated to Hawkes BaY Health came back here into hospital and has been put into care 2 weeks ago

cloffie, Jun 14, 11:18pm
On Feb 2nd I had a 4 hour assessment by insurer BANG!
Yesterday I had an EQC assessment BANG AGAIN!

bobsicle, Jun 14, 11:19pm
lol we may also have contributed.Feb 21st assessed, June 11 assessed.

charlieb2, Jun 14, 11:49pm
well if your logic is to be followed you two, we should be being assessed in about two weeks time, lol

cloffie, Jun 15, 12:50am
Jeez Bobsicle we are going to become TM Lepers!lol! Or maybe we qualify as predictors!

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