She's building up to "maybe" another BIGGIE. Page 1 / 3

tool_shop173, Feb 8, 6:25am
what you reckon !

wizzball, Feb 8, 6:27am
tool_shop you are a bad bad man with a LOT of nuddie runs on the IOU.

kiwicarol, Feb 8, 6:28am
i reckonwhat will be will be

tool_shop173, Feb 8, 6:29am
This is the sort of thing that happens. We get an extended period of minor inactivity then we get a wee build up and then.

jamjars05, Feb 8, 6:29am
hey tool_shop
are ya going down the beach for the full moon!
somewhere down south brighton i think.

luluweezie, Feb 8, 6:31am
That's the best thing I've read all day!

tool_shop173, Feb 8, 6:31am
Holy smoke. Not when they are that fricken old.ROFL

alfie10, Feb 8, 6:32am
ithink your a dick cant you ever talk about the positive

nicsta4, Feb 8, 6:32am
thats true.

fostey1, Feb 8, 6:36am
I am as prepared as i'll ever be. I have an emergency kit in the car will grab the dog and leave if we have a another biggie I am worried now about that big one in pegaus going off. Do we have tsunami alerts in place! thats what worries me that we won't have enough time to leave.

tara13, Feb 8, 6:37am
Probably about to have another wee cluster of them.Not concerned at all though

mattthetubaguy, Feb 8, 6:38am
The quake will be your warning. If you don't have enough time to leave, a tsunami alert won't be any use any way.

tool_shop173, Feb 8, 6:40am
Welcome to the thread.

mine44, Feb 8, 6:57am
someone will set me straight if wrong but I think if that goes off the tsunami threat is minimal so dont panic. A metre swell! Someone will have alink somewhere

fostey1, Feb 8, 7:08am
yeah I'm not sure, just craps me thinking about that on top of another biggie.

neville106, Feb 8, 7:10am
Sooner orlaterwewill have amajoralpinequake,then thingswill goquietfor thenext200 years.

jcmp21, Feb 8, 7:11am
This thread needs to go before MN sees it. Every time he posts these threads we get a good rattle LMAO

freggo, Feb 8, 7:12am
After years and years of large aftershocks

nicsta4, Feb 8, 7:13am
Or 100,00 after shocks but hopefuly not

mattthetubaguy, Feb 8, 7:16am
Who knows, maybe it is unusually quiet at the moment around NZ, and usually quakes are a lot more frequent, and the alpine fault will put us back to 'normal'

tantric5, Feb 8, 7:19am

its exciting

tool_shop173, Feb 8, 7:25am

ustr28, Feb 8, 8:28am
I reckon you should get

navarri, Feb 8, 8:31am
Given that 30cm of fast moving water is enough to knock you off your feet then yeah I'd be worried about a metre of water!

starry7, Feb 8, 8:37am
Nothing *big* penned in here.!
With increased activityaround thepacific plate lately. iam not surprised at some residule reverberationary action is noticed.

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