Emilys hair design

oldschool2, Feb 8, 4:57am
Girl at work gave me limited details on ur whereabouts.loved her hair doo.and she gave me your facebook details and i couldn't find you there but she said she originally found you on trade me.here's hoping this is you so I can get my colouring done by you.She said Emily Gibb aka Emily's hair design but facebook didn't let any of these options apply.

oldschool2, Feb 8, 5:00am
Please let me know via macleanclan@xtra.co.nz.cheers-
Lou :)

rcomms, Feb 8, 5:54am
She changed her facebook name to EHD (emilys hair design) that will be why you cant find her =)

craftylady1, Feb 8, 7:00am
Or u could ask me seein as Im her mummy.lol

beamer_chik, Jun 14, 5:12am
anyone getting their hair done tomorrow emilys hair design is still open

beamer_chik, Jun 14, 5:22am
hope my clients are all ok

craftylady1, Jun 14, 5:23am
I am :-)

beamer_chik, Jun 14, 5:24am
i no that lol

craftylady1, Jun 14, 5:26am
the kids ok now!

beamer_chik, Jun 14, 5:29am
yeah back fighting so back to normal lol

craftylady1, Jun 14, 6:18am
we should do something tomorrow rather than be home on our own

ebeater, Jun 18, 9:49am
Where has your thread about the volcano on Banks Peninsula gone !

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