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craftee, Feb 5, 2:21am
On Thursday afternoon. Was still on when I found it and tried to txt "mum's phone" in contacts but the battery went dead.Have tried switching sim to my phone but it asks for a PUK code.None of our batts or chargers fit it.Soooo, it's a long shot but if your kid has lost their phone, I have left contact details on a pole close to where I found it, which I'm guessing will be the way they walked home on Thursday :0)

nz_nicola, Feb 5, 2:25am
I'd ring the local police station in case they reportit lost :-)

craftee, Feb 5, 2:32am
Thanks will be passing in to the police station on Tues.It's not a flash one but if it belongs to a child they will be missing it I'm sure.

tnt423, Feb 5, 2:35am
I'd say what ever network it is on have locked it because it has been reported missing.

atena, Feb 5, 2:38am
contact police. If I loose my phone, I will report it to the police.

redphoenix3, Feb 5, 2:39am
did it have ducttape on the battery bit at the back!

craftee, Feb 5, 2:55am
Atena I have phoned the police but I was put through to comms (!) as the dept that normally takes lost and found details is not open due to the long weekend.I'll drop it in to the station on Tuesday.

Redphoenix, no duct tape sorry - hope you find the one you are looking for soon :)

carey9, Feb 5, 2:56am
Hi . Our Daughter had her cell phone stolen on Wednesday .Vodafoneby any lucky chance ! (we had it blocked through network) .did have some small stickers on the back.(if they havn't been taken off!). ~ can obviously give more details to confirm. Cheers

craftee, Feb 5, 2:59am
No it has a pin to type in(it was 1234) but I didn't want to copy all their addresses to my phone when the auto msg popped up.Then of course Icouldn't figure out how to access their contacts list from my phone. While I was busy my daughter and her friend tried to do the same thing but entered the wrong pin and it locked, which is why it now requires the PUK code.They were trying to help lol

craftee, Feb 5, 3:01am
Carey, what colour!No stickers but yes they could've been removed :0)Hope it is yours.

mytime2shop, Feb 5, 3:03am
My daughter lost her samsung blue and white phone! Is that the one that you found plse! Thanks

craftee, Feb 5, 3:05am
Sorry mytime2shop, that's not it. good luck finding it though

redphoenix3, Feb 5, 3:05am
hehe thanks,well with all the people asking i dont feel as mad at my kid now :D*holds hands out for hugs* we are not alone!

craftee, Feb 5, 3:07am
lol no you are not alone!

carey9, Feb 5, 3:08am
Black, Cheap basic one . (will look up model no. if I am getting close!) Cheers

craftee, Feb 5, 3:12am
Oh no sorry carey9, it's not the same phone :(I was hoping for a happy reunion!Good luck, I hope it turns up soon.

carey9, Feb 5, 3:22am
Thanks so much for posting. I got excited for a while ! Lets just hope ours turns up, rather than more expense thanks to someone with "sticky fingers!". cheers

doto, Feb 5, 3:36am
I don't suppose it is black with turquoise/blue trim around edges!

craftee, Feb 5, 3:40am
No sorry doto - gosh lots of lost phones!

shelco1, Feb 5, 3:46am
was it parklands area at all.my sons ph is missing too lol it has no back on ir and is black and silver

tantric5, Feb 5, 3:53am
I lost my Samsung Galaxy 2 on the cnr of Harewood Rd and Greers Rd Wed morn just gone

doto, Feb 5, 3:55am
I think ours is "misplaced" lol.Happens frequently, hence why it's a $39 kept in school bag for emergencies.

lindylambchops1, Feb 5, 4:06am
Kids phones need to be on elastic!

lankylass, Feb 5, 4:20am
As well as reporting it to the police have you thought about reporting your find to the school you were walking home from and also any other schools in the your vicinity.The head teachers of each school could perhaps make an announcement in assembly without actually giving out a description of the phone.

craftee, Feb 5, 8:01am
Shelco and Tantric, sorry it doesn't match your discriptions. Yes I agree lindylambchops, elastic would be handy lol!Lankylass I'll do that on Tues morn - ran out of time to do it on Friday.

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