Heathcote Valley?

does anyone know the materials in the malt works!Son was told at heathcote school today that all the dust coming from the malt works can cause cancer!The wind is blowing all the dust into the school grounds everytime they smash it with the ball and it looks like it still has a long way to go before it comes down.

blackbnz, Feb 3, 3:54 pm

good news the valley inn got demolised and built within the year good work guys

slimgym, Feb 3, 3:57 pm

I dunno what its got in it.prob concrete asbestos various toxic chemicals.ive been sneezing since the demo started.But hey the eyesore is finally going! i hope the person who told your child about the dust alsomentioned that you get cancer from many other things too!
if your worried about your child whack on a Swine Flu mask everyday.

merlin102, Feb 3, 7:27 pm

I miss Heathcote.Beautiful area.

mrdad, Feb 3, 7:37 pm

I loathed it growing up here in the 70s and 80s seemed so far away from civilization.mindyou back then the Valley was just that Porthills road flinders and Bridalpath and the few streetsinbetween.Scruttons Rd had two houses then further down the farm.now its extremely populated houses are popping up everywhere.the schools gone from 70 odd to over 300!.As an adult i love it and it certainly doesnt seem miles away,Sadly though the lack of neighbourly spirit isnt like it was back then.far to many snobs for my liking,still ya get them anywhere! Pretty views and a relatively quiet lifestyle you couldnt get much better,

merlin102, Feb 3, 9:56 pm

I love Heathcote Valley school,My kids missed it terribly last year.
We moved from Scruttons road.

mrdad, Feb 3, 10:07 pm

There will be no asbestos anywhere in the old Maltworks. It was effectively a food/drinkproducer. It will be just ordinary concrete dust, irritating to anyone with asthma or breathing problems though.

chip8, Feb 3, 10:11 pm

Agreed it is a great school mrdad.im really missing having a local shop though.

chip8.i was attempting to be sarcastic in my post.knowing full well what the Maltworks held in those silos.i wonder if the auther of this thread realises this also.perhaps toxic malt dust is cancer causing.i cant believe an adult told a child that the dust would cause cancer.if indeed it was an adult to say such a thing to a child.

merlin102, Feb 3, 10:32 pm

Does seem weird that an adult would scare a kid like that.

chip8, Feb 3, 10:40 pm

Appologies to the thread starter.you never mentioned this topic.
Yes it is odd chip8.but theres some wierd ones out there.

merlin102, Feb 3, 10:48 pm

I was impressed with the speed too, and mentioned it to someone as an example of when things go right after-earthquake.However, they told me that the pub owner already had plans made before the earthquake had damaged his building, so that explained why things got a wriggle on so quickly at that site.

sumstyle, Feb 5, 1:44 pm

Last count was 50 houses to be demolished and most of them are in the middle of the valley. Latest house to go was on Station Road with still a heap more to come down. Only one house on Laing Cres that was demolished just before Christmas, not sure about any others in this area. We suffered a lot of damage here but never really spoken about by the media. We lost the dairy, coffee shot, tofu shop and the pub. At least the Pub and Coffee Shop (in a different spot) are back now. And they keep closing the freaking bridge, that's just starting to drive me nuts now!

chch_returnee, Feb 5, 2:14 pm

You hear of Sumner damage and damage in Lyttelton.but does anyone know what it is like down in Heathcote!

nelly87, Feb 25, 8:08 pm

When were you last in Heathcote Valley!

camillia, Feb 25, 9:43 pm

I was out there the day after to pull down a chimney and was fully gobsmacked. Most houses are uninhabitable or destroyed. No more coffees at upshot, that was flattened. Houses without 2 or 3 walls, bricks & tiles were missing in large amounts. Sad news, but such a great spot will be rebuilt for sure. And one bright spot - no liquefaction!

ajd123, Feb 25, 10:02 pm

My fave place is the valley. So many of my friends live there. I have one staying with me now as his house isn't wonderful. I can't say much more than what he has told me but I know its not great.

zigzagpolymer, Feb 25, 10:08 pm

Pretty bad, my brother's house is just under the gondola and they have lost every window in their house.No power, no water and threats of more boulders coming down the hills.Some people are sleeping in the domain in tents.

timetogo, Feb 25, 10:10 pm

I live or did live in Heathcote. Our house has been trashed. Bricks off outside walls, cracks on all the interior walls. Looks like the house was turned upside down. Such a horrible mess inside. Have had to move out like many of my neighbours.Cannot live in the house.I cannot make sense of it.

dilizau, Feb 25, 10:12 pm

I used to live at 170d bridle path road and it was a brick house - Have been wondering how it got on. Got friends who live on Martindales road too and have been worried about them. Also I used to work at Aromaunga flowers and have heard from friends that it is very damaged. Its so awfull, overwhelming - and I'm not even there I'm near Brisbane.

mizzmiff, Feb 25, 10:28 pm

Saw some photos of a friend's house in the area, yes liquefaction is there, on the back lawn. House as above , slowly being demolished by mother nature. As an ex cantab resident, I think the powers that be, should NOT rush into a quick rebuild of Christchurch. Things have changed, and we are already seeing insurance companies reluctance to insure an area proven to be unstable.The old colonial Ch,we have all known and loved, is all but gone. Well known landmarks destroyed, many churches in ruins, this would be a wonderful opportunity to rethink the building direction Ch, should take. They will slowly workout the way these earthquake fault lines run. Ch, city may have to move North, out of the swamp it was established on. Too many homes built on sandy unstable ground, This is not the 1800-1900.A real chance to establish a city, without perpetual smog, flood, and now earthquake concerns.

fordingbridge, Feb 26, 4:46 am

Does anyone know how bad the cyfs family home is in Martindale Road!
I have girl from there safe with me, but all her clothes and stuff are still at the home. Cyfs have no idea on the state of the home.

lisa.g.1, Feb 26, 6:05 am

My first home was in Heathcote on porthills rd, we sold it to really cool couple through tradme, its an awesome place that you wouldnt even know was there. I would also like to know how they and the house fared. We loved that house and the Valley and still miss it sometimes. Have never regretted moving to Oxford though and after this are so grateful we did.

porthills, Feb 26, 6:21 am

So sad to hear.Heathcote is where I grew up on Prthills Road too, opposite the Maltworks.Is the large concrete silo still up!.Have family still living there. They are safe. But moved out rather quickly.Devastating.my thoughts like many are with you all in Christchurch.

nelly87, Feb 26, 7:11 am

Am heading ova to Heathcote this afrernoon. Will try & look at cyfs house on way. Is it the house next to library!

sb6, Feb 26, 11:39 am

Is 51 or 55 Port Hills Road still standing!This iswhite weather board house opposite the Maltworks.Was sold in Dec 2009 to a new owner who has been giving it a make over!

bagpipes, Mar 6, 10:29 pm

Number 55 or is it 51 Port Hills Road- little white weatherboard house opposite the Malt Works - is it still standing!it was sold in Dec 2009 to a family who have renovating it and doing a wonderful job.Is it ok! How are the other houses in Heathcote Valley too!

bagpipes, Mar 7, 9:19 am

I also lived in Porthills Rd. Op the Malt works those noisey grain silo's

alpha02, Mar 7, 9:30 am

We left or rented house in Jan this year after livin there for 4 1/2 years.Loved the area and the school.
Edited to add we lived in Scruttons rd.

mrdad, Mar 7, 9:35 am

Was 55 the Finch Family House before sold to anothee Valley resident!I lived at 53!Is it still standing!

nelly87, Mar 8, 5:26 pm

Maltworks is still standing strong!I was amazed it did not fall!School is closed until further notice.The pub went down in the Sept earthquake.such a beautiful place to live the valley!

spoutman, Mar 8, 5:31 pm

Heathcote Valley Preschool on track to re open 14 March

andrac63, Mar 8, 8:57 pm

Port HIlls Road

#49 - brick - collapsed.
#51 - wooden - concrete foundation skirt is cracked, looks like the house is damaged but it is very neglected looking.
#53 and 55 *look* ok to a casual glance.

sumstyle, Mar 13, 11:39 am

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