Small White Staffy Cross missing from Hei Hei

nobaggage, Jan 30, 5:05am
Phoenix is a small white Staffy cross female.
Very friendly and answers to her name. White with black spots on body and ears. Got out today sometime. Has collar with tags and phone numbers.
Not sure how to put pics on this post but two pics are in the Pet/ Dogs lost and found section which I have put an add on.
Much loved wee pal, any info or sighting would be appreciated. Thanks Mark.

glenleigh, Jan 30, 5:08am
Good luck, hope you find Phoenix soon.

glenleigh, Jan 30, 11:57pm
Back to the top - good luck for today

nobaggage, Jan 31, 6:53am
The little Wanderer has returned! Dont know where shes been or what she got up to, (Hate to think!), but she must of decided that life on the street wasnt as good as being spoiled rotten at home! Trotted up the drive an hour ago.
Thanks for the calls re possible sightings and for the bumps.

aphra1, Jan 31, 7:11am
What great news!Is she desexed!If not it may pay to visit the vet, there are entire dogs out there.

glenleigh, Feb 2, 3:57am
So pleased all has ended well

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