Waimairi Primary School

angeb2, Jan 29, 11:49pm
Hi people does any one know of 5yr old girls starting Waimairi primary this year who may need a hand with school uniform for financial reasons! Would love to help some one with our gears from last year, not perfect but in good second hand condition. Get back to me anyone, not just for any one to take please, someone who actually needs it, thanks :)

charlieb2, Jan 29, 11:53pm
Thats a really kind offere angeb.Could you ring the school office and see if they know of a family that may need the help!

angeb2, Jan 30, 12:01am
Thanks Charlie, ringing school was my second option. Just paying it forward as a gorgeous family we know gave us $ for my girls uniform when she started school as we were struggling

angeb2, Jan 30, 1:20am
Bump to the top:)

kimmyflo, Jan 30, 3:31am
good on you Angeb.I have a 5 year old starting there this year. It is a wonderful school and I hope you find someone needy to use your offer, i'm sure someone in the office would be able to point you in the right direction . I have a 9 year old there as well and when she was 5 I had to leave my job to have the new baby and money was tight ( back at work now). the school so kindly brought us a new summer uniform at the time to help out. you offer bings back memories of that kindness.good on you :0)

charlieb2, Jan 30, 3:32am
Hey kimmy. how ya doing! did you get the email I sent you with our update!

kimmyflo, Jan 30, 3:34am
yes. I did.have been a slackbum and not replied. will do that soon.promise :0)

charlieb2, Jan 30, 3:36am
No worries lovely. just wondered if you got it.

angeb2, Jan 31, 1:35am
Thanks kimmy like I said just paying it forward, bump to the top school starts Thursday!

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