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lindaquinn, Jan 28, 7:36pm
I remember the place in Eastgate but that appears to be gone. I need a couple of batteries put in a babyg and casio watch. Can anyone suggest where is good!

sikeres, Jan 28, 7:40pm
The jewellers at Bush Inn does watch repairs.

cloffie, Jan 28, 7:44pm
backing black I noticed a watch repair place on Greers Road the other day on my way toward Church corner.

Gerard Quinn WatchmakerCorner of Greers and Harewood Roads, Bishopdale, Christchurch City, Canterbury

craftylady1, Jan 28, 7:54pm
The shopping centre on the cnr of Waimari Rd and Maidstone road at the watch shop

firebirds, Jan 28, 7:56pm
there is a watch repair bloke just across for the gates of Burwood Hospital

lindaquinn, Jan 28, 8:02pm
Cheers, wondering if anyone knows of any open on a sunday! I'm hoping not to travel too far.

kiwicarol, Jan 28, 8:06pm
a jeweller in any mall would probably be able to replace a battery.

ju9, Jan 28, 8:09pm
there is one in barrington mall who does batteries and straps.

kvano123, Jan 28, 8:11pm
Yes, on Mairehau Road, (Corner Chartwell St),.highly recommended too! An old fashioned watchmaker with all the skills and service! Hard to find these guys today as truly professional tradesmenseem to be dying out.

robyn35, Jan 28, 9:18pm
+ 1

but dont think he is open on Sundays

jamesnmatt, Jan 28, 9:25pm
battery replacement isn't really a "repair" as such - Mr Minit will do it for you, and offers a warranty of 12mths on his batteries.

lankylass, Jan 28, 9:25pm
There's a clock and watch repairer on the corner of Sparks Road and Hoon Hay Road.

lankylass, Jan 28, 9:27pm
If you just need a new battery there is a kiosk in The Riccarton Mall (down the aisle towards Farmers) who replaces batteries; also the jewellers in any Mall would be able to replace a battery, and they would be open on a Sunday.

mlh19658, Jan 28, 9:40pm
And don't charge like the greedy jewellers. Mr Min's great.

robyn35, Jan 28, 10:03pm
just make sure who ever changes the battery on a g shock as a pressure machine, if they dont the watch isnt water proof and your warranty will be void

harrislucinda, Jan 28, 10:07pm

jules555, Jan 28, 10:28pm
Brillant nice guy, watch batteries $10 fitted

sikeres, Jan 28, 10:33pm
Took my son's waterproof Casio to Mr Minute and he wouldn't do it as it would void the waterprrof part of the warranty.He told me to go to a watchmakers.

mi34, Jan 28, 10:35pm
I went to Mister Minute at Northlands was alot cheaper than the jewellers

gregjo, Jan 29, 6:24am
If you want them pressure tested because you use them in the water then you'll have to go to a proper watch repairers rather than a booth, otherwise you won't get the job done properly.

dm0044, Jan 29, 6:28am
happy feet - new brighton mall,$10 last time i was there 6 months ago

cindygirl, Jan 29, 6:28am
barnabys mall new brighton,the shoe repair and battery shop plus key cutting,depends where you live

nzkea1, Jan 29, 9:07pm
Westende Jewellers - Roger Kelso and his son had their shop in the CBD lost their building and they have relocated to Sydenaham.Last week I took an item of jewellery in for repair it is so good to see they are back in business :O)

redphoenix3, Jan 29, 10:05pm
+1 especially with a baby G . they need to be pressurised which is why it costs more .i go here for my baby G good fast service i think it is about $40!pascoes sends their stuff to these guys too. (which if you dont want to travel you take your watch to thejeweller and they ship it there anyway as they dont do on site)

gakbarr, Jan 30, 5:57am
Gerard Quinn WatchmakerCorner of Greers and Harewood Roads, Bishopdale, Christchurch City, Canterbury

He fixed my wifes Raymond Weil and put a saphire face on it for a fraction of the cost of most places

And he's fully certified by top watchmakers

Use this person, he a good bloke and the prices are fantastic

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