Brazil buildings fall without earthquakes

planespotterhvn, Jan 26, 6:03pm
20 storey building collapses, survivor in lift capsule.

mattthetubaguy, Jan 26, 7:42pm
Meanwhile, here in NZ, we get a record breaking quake, causing only 2 modern buildings to collapse, and people complain about our 'shoddy' building codes.

I read somewhere that a major quake in Tokyo could damage/destroy 800,000 buildings!

gingercrush, Jan 26, 10:28pm

Tokyo have had major quakes. Anyway of any city in the world and being in a high-rise I would sooner be in Tokyo Japan than I would elsewhere.

dreamingofbali, Jan 26, 11:32pm
Thanks for not putting up the link! Because you didn't put a link, I had to go to Google and type in 'Brazil'. and the new 'smart' google went ahead and 'finished' the word for me. except I only realized it just as I hit 'enter'. So now in my computer's 'history',I've got 'brazilian wax - Google Search'.

planespotterhvn, Jan 28, 9:03am
That will go well in Bali!

mattthetubaguy, Jan 29, 1:14am here is the article that talks about the risk of a massive earthquake in Japan also this quake:
is the reason Japan has very good building codes. of course anything built before then would not fare so well in a major quake, Kind of like all the 70's concrete buildings here in CHCH that have been demolished.

guest, May 6, 5:13pm
we are preparing for heat and drohgut like always but we just had 2 inches of snow last week and if thats not a fluke i don't know what is the item i could best use is the icon rogue 1 and lots of shade

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