davepro, Apr 19, 11:23pm
CHCH CBD on GE now has the image from 26 Feb.You need to go to the bottom corner and select 2004 from Imagery Date, then slide the timeline at top left to the right.To remind yourself what was where, select '3D Buildings' from the menu, and deselect to see the rubble.

Very nasty.


dolphin1nz, Apr 19, 11:25pm
Got a link please.

davepro, Apr 20, 9:09am
Sorry, #2, GE doesn't seem to give links - you need to start the program and go thru the process above.


melford, Apr 20, 9:48am
Can't find imagery down bottom corner or the date I need an extra plugin (1st time user to GE) Heeeeeeelpplease

nicki5, Apr 20, 10:08am
I downloaded google earth ages ago but couldn't work out how it worked! Every now and then I go back into it but it just doesn't do what I thought it would, or what it does on my parents' computer

lambrat, Apr 20, 10:14am

desmo.w, Apr 20, 7:18pm
Use first link and click "pre-quake imagery " or "post-quake imagery" top right corner.
Fab link thanks.

emmapine31, Apr 20, 7:36pm
Is it me or did the CTV building look like it was on a bit of a weird lean to begin with! I mean even its shadow is out of shape from the other buildings!

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