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lilleese, Jan 25, 6:19am
hellers factory shop so cheap good bargains and service really good too the only place to go for bbq and kids birthdays.

boardrider, Jan 25, 6:59am
Try Peter Timms, real quality meat and quite reasonable prices.

mattyj89, Apr 11, 7:24am
Hellers factory shop is really great, bargains all the time, really cheap bacon, sausages precooks and flavoured, fresh sausages, great for a family, you have to visit them its worth a look.

junie2, Apr 11, 7:36am
I LOVE Verkerks too. Cheese kransky seconds ( only because mishapen ) much cheaper than s/mart delis.

the_don_61, Apr 11, 8:02am
yes it is.$6. 2kg of sausages.
$8 bucks 1 kg of bacon

the_don_61, Apr 11, 8:03am
IFL is open 24/7 .

nondescript, Apr 11, 9:15am
Can someone please tell me where to find romano s outlet tia

deerhurst, Apr 11, 9:25am

pauls_team, Oct 3, 2:01am
hey there just wanting to know what they have at the factory shop and is it cheap etc please keen to know what its all about thanks.

phalo, Oct 3, 2:12am
They do have, a friend of mine works in the factory. Ive not been but heard its good. Altho i havent seen much publicity about it.

mrdad, Oct 3, 2:13am
It's not cheap at all.

yeahm8, Oct 3, 2:14am
Lots of bacon and sausages at a reasonable price than what you pay in the supermarket, I've just chucked some of their beef patties and pork meatballs on the bbq.real tasty! , .well I get staff discount so it's cheap enough for me

yeahm8, Oct 3, 2:15am
What makes you say that!

cutex01, Oct 3, 2:29am
Really!Maybe it depends on when you go in.I've bought heaps of bacon, chorizo sausages, cheese frankfurters (hotdogs, yum!), ham for lunches, etc. for under $20.I think that's cheap.I wanted to go again this week (pay-week) but had a new tyre to buy so that went out the window, lol.

Tis mainly factory seconds, but still good to eat.The Hellers bacon froze really well, no excess liquid upon defrosting like many other brands (ugh I hate that watery stuff!).I like to buy up on bacon and freeze for when I want to use it. :o)

pip4, Oct 3, 2:31am
Where is the factory shop!

yeahm8, Oct 3, 2:34am
Depending on what's available on the day, you can get a good bargain, my son likes their Biersticks and I got a 2kg bag for $6.

mrdad, Oct 3, 2:50am
I went therea couple of weeks ago and thoght it was more expensive than the supermarket.

time2declutter, Oct 3, 3:03am

russellw, Oct 3, 3:04am
At the Kaiapo factory.

kelliedyke, Oct 3, 4:05am
Your better off going to Independent Fisheries 64 Broad St Woolston Christchurch. Open 24 hours.
Great deals, and sell all sorts of goodies.

mrdad, Oct 3, 4:17am
Yeah,Thanks an awesome shop.

lyttelton2, Oct 3, 4:19am
I feel a school holiday trip coming on - day trip to the factory shops to stock up the freezer!

mrdad, Oct 3, 4:23am
Oh independant fisheries have the real Mccoy KFC popcorn chicken (called chicken bites).

suzy30, Oct 3, 4:39am
Its at the kaiapoi factory Old main north rd just pass woodford glenonly open in the afternoons weekdays

richynuts, Oct 3, 4:43am
Horrible Hellers make the worst sausages/ savs / cherios ever!

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