School Uniform shops in Christchurch.

jljjn28, Jan 24, 9:24pm
I am trying to hunt down some summer grey drill shorts for my son as it's their summer uniform but I've been to Postie Plus but they advise they don't stock them they only stock the dark grey drill shorts.What other shops sell school uniforms please.Thanks.

wizzball, Jan 24, 9:25pm
Bambi Drapery is open.Cnr Gloucester,Woodham,Gayhurst.Diagonally opposite BP Dallington.

jacinta.r, Jan 24, 9:27pm
Mainland uniforms and the school wear company . both in Wairakei road. Mainland is priced better than the other with a bigger selection. It's up the airport end of Wairakei.

jljjn28, Jan 24, 9:28pm
Thank you:)

gillxand, Jan 24, 9:29pm
There is a school uniform on Rutland St - Susan Ross I think it's called

jenny73, Jan 24, 10:12pm
There is a uniform sale on Montreal street (I think) which is uniform stock ex Ballantynes.Not sure of their hours at the moment but I did see a sign out, Im sure it is being run by Smiths Auctions so maybe give them a call

mme, Jan 24, 10:56pm
Have you tried trademe!

That reminds me I still have a few SBHS things to sell but their shorts are navy.

sikeres, Jan 25, 12:26am
It's at 88 Montreal Street, it used to be at Orbell Street.

I saved myself over $250 dollars on my son's high school uniform there.

nicki5, Jan 25, 1:02am
I'm sure I saw their advert recently and it said they have grey drill shorts

taniakaa, Jan 25, 1:12am
Riccarton rd has a uniform shop, corner of straven and Riccartons Rds.

submarine2, Jan 25, 1:17am
Were can i get Christchurch South uniform from ! anyone know please.

sunnychch, Jan 25, 4:41am
You don't have any size 82-84 shorts do you as my son needs some more for SBHS

sikeres, Jan 25, 7:42am
From their website:

Uniform Sales and Supply
1. , Bruce and Stephanie Watson, ph 338-5742, cell 021 559383, email Click here for the latest price list Price List . will also be running a shop out of our school library on Saturday 28 January from 10am until 4pm.

Second Hand:
The PTA organize a second-hand uniform sales page on the school website that enables those wanting to purchase uniform items to contact directly those selling them. Click on the following link to take you to that page. P.T.A. Second-hand Uniform Sales

Also. go to the homepage, it looks like first day back, the students don't require uniform.

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