Hobbit cast call! URGENT!

spongehb, Jan 23, 12:48am
Anyone from Christchurch planning on trying out for the casting call in Wellington this Saturday! Perhaps you're flying up or you live there already but are from Chch!

Would love to hear from you and see Chch be represented in the film!

Or maybe you're a Christchurch company contributing to the film in some way!

Please send me an email abbie.napier @ themail.co.nz.

Great positive story to get involved with! Cheers!

bob955, Jan 23, 1:41am
Wonder what the pay is like!Wonder if it's one of those jobs that you're supposed to be grateful to have or are doing it for the love of it- ie, shit pay!

honest-reliable, Jan 23, 3:16am
I auditioned when they were here in Ch-ch but I am too tall 5ft 2".
I have never been told I am too tall before - lol

mbos, Jan 23, 3:18am
I wonder if I could scrape in!155cm.

craftylady1, Jan 23, 3:18am
Im just too darn good looking

mbos, Jan 23, 3:21am
That is NOT my problem, crafty. . .

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