Eww our water is brown

jinx36, Jan 23, 12:47am
trying to flush it but it appears to be getting darker - so bleeding annoying and disheartening.

saltnpepper, Jan 23, 12:52am
Oh dear - dont drink it - they may have connected up the wrong pipes.seriously though I suggest you just run the tap until it comes clear but also contact council - it may simply be because of pipe repairs and dirt contamination and running it might clear it but even so boil it for a few days.

taniakaa, Jan 23, 1:05am
Which area r u!

jinx36, Jan 23, 1:14am
I am in Northwood and I rang the council and am flushing each tap including the outside one for 3 minutes each.If that doesn't work I then have to ring back.Sigh.the brown residue in the bath doesn't look like dirt.

taniakaa, Jan 23, 1:17am

glennf1, Jan 23, 1:31am
We had the same in Redwood before Christmas. Same advice from the CCC - run all taps until it becomes clear. Apparently is is due to them working on the lines somewhere.

articferrit, Jan 23, 1:43am
Always start with the outside taps first when you are trying to clear them, Then toilets and then taps, it should stop any more dirty water getting into the tank, the valve might get stuck after this as well and overflow onto the roof.

jinx36, Jan 23, 2:15am
It seems a lot clearer now but I am going to boil it for a few days.thanks for the info I am off now to clean my baths and sinks - blerk

steph1211, Jan 23, 3:39am
we are in hornby and everytime we run the bath (maybe once a week) it comes out rusty colour untill it clears and thn the next time i turn bathroom tap on it does the same. i didnt think much of it.

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