Trying to keep only one eqc claim

bitsus, Jan 22, 10:39pm
i had damage in septembers quake lodged a claim and got assesed around may/juneat the time i thought they did a good job.august september i get the schedule of damage and find they have missed a few things but not to worried as would get picked up when fletchers come round.(around $90k claim)since then i have been put into green/blue and i have some foundation damage meaning will need site specific foundations ect.with the recent eqs i have had asome more damage but mainly existing damage getting can i get a reasesment on the same claim as with further damage i will be over cap (which i want)and avoid making a second claim and eqc keeping both claims under cap to suit them and fletchers.

esawers, Jan 22, 10:49pm
think you'll be out of luck, you should have contacted them back in august/september when you noticed things missing.

kiwicarol, Jan 22, 10:55pm
correct me if I am wrong but on zb this morning those with worsening damage that will get reinspections are only redzoners as it will affect there potential payouts. If you already had the foundation damage a reinspection will make little difference. Another claim lodged now will only end up being apportioned and you will still stay undercap.THey are unlikely to reinspect an existing claim for worsening damage and still not apportion it. As above you should have contacted them about missing things at the time

bitsus, Jan 22, 11:25pm
i know i should have but didnt.but when fletchers come to do there scope of worksthe will check out the damage and say its more than what eqc have aloud for and corect me if im wrong but then eqc have to come back and go over it again .like eqc says 90k damage when fletchers comes they will say no way more like 140-180 k and then eqc will have to reinspect.ive heard this is quiet comon if eqc and fletchers pricing dont match up. can anyone confirm this

bitsus, Jan 22, 11:29pm
and as i sed the 90k price was befor i went blue zone. meaning site specific foundations will push it up atleast another mite just wait till i here from fletchers

jacinta.r, Jan 22, 11:38pm
my cost was 121k before i went TC3. now silly me put a June claim in as they said for new or worsened damage to put a new claim in (mine worsened). My June assessment dropped cost of repair to 53k. house has dropped 135ml (E-W)and 70 ml (N-S) piles and founds stuffed as well. I look forward to the day Fletchers come round to scope this place and try and match EQC repair costs.
ETA. no payments made due to apportionment ruling

kiwicarol, Jan 22, 11:40pm
Fletchers have to abide by the buidling code for foundations the same as anyone else. These are yet to be deternined for TC3 so whatever the cost they will have to meet it if you have foundation damage.

esawers, Jan 22, 11:52pm
i would probably be putting a claim in for december if i was you.
dont want to risk the additional damage not being fixed

fletchers aren't angels either you know, theyre more likely to turn up and say what eqc has written down is no longer quake damage

rover79, Jan 23, 2:43am
CERA told me today that all tc3 land has to be reassessed to yellow or red.

jill5, Jan 23, 3:07am
Really! Is there a link to that! Or was that over the phone!

bandrach, Jan 23, 3:10am
What does yellow and red mean!

jill5, Jan 23, 3:16am
Red would be the same (I am assuming) as red zone now, yellow is Green/Yellow TC2 as opposed to Green/Blue TC3.

bandrach, Jan 23, 3:17am
Oh cool.Will keep an eye out

jill5, Jan 23, 3:26am
rover79 - would be interesting to know who you talked to but the person whom I just spoke with said not true - the zoning only has to do with what kind of foundations you need, no one will be rezoned from TC3 Green/Blue to Red.

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