$5 Week Pak N Save

spenco, Jan 22, 8:18pm
Anyone going or been that knows the specials PLEASE add here :) Much appreciated. have a tantrum-matic 2 year old today so not sure if i will be out and about myself to get there and have a look.

navarri, Jan 23, 2:29am

shortee2, Jan 23, 2:33am
$5.00, Specials usually last all week, so you will have till Sunday to shop, plus Each shop has thier own Specials, as they are independently owned.

mystiquestud, Jan 23, 2:53am
Would'nt mind knowing what the ones in Hornby are if anyone knows before we go in tomorrow :)

andy-1, Jan 23, 2:56am
there's a new countdown opening in rangiora on wednesday, will have lots of opening specials I expect.

aquarianchick, Jan 23, 2:56am
I just went to Riccarton, and there was nothing particularly exciting at all to be honest :(

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