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rugbyreff, Jan 22, 1:59pm
That hit the house pretty damn hard

lykaestria, Jan 22, 2:00pm
I was :-O

doto, Jan 22, 2:00pm
Got the adrenalin going in Beckenham!

jan_art, Jan 22, 2:01pm
was asleep and felt that.

terraalba, Jan 22, 2:02pm
I'm catching up on some (paid) work on the computer. Little dog beside me and bigger dog both not happy as there were two big thumps. House rocked solidly- hit hard Linwood.

berry2000, Jan 22, 2:02pm
Scared the crap out of me in Addington.

aquarius, Jan 22, 2:04pm
Solid nasty thud in Central City.

tombstoneinc, Jan 22, 2:04pm
yeah, it was seriously hard hitting here in Beckenham - just slammed through the house with one hell of a bang. Had some heavy ones before but that was quite nasty. I think it might be close to us. Soon see.

tombstoneinc, Jan 22, 2:05pm
Gotta admit I don't normally react but that was so out of the blue and hard hitting I was bolt upright and ready to move.

knackid1, Jan 22, 2:05pm
In Bishopdle I've been feeling little ones all night but that was odd. Hard thumping but short.

got2bin2win, Jan 22, 2:06pm
felt more like a truck hit the house that one.

aquarius, Jan 22, 2:06pm
Might have been that Linwood Park area again as it felt different than most.

tombstoneinc, Jan 22, 2:07pm
Yeah, it did - really hard, quick slam into the side of the house. My heart nearly bloody stopped with that one lol

donna12, Jan 22, 2:07pm
yep awake now an so is my 3 year old. That was an awful one!

kiwi_femme, Jan 22, 2:07pm
Awake now! Thought that one was going to get larger.felt short but scary in.northwood

tombstoneinc, Jan 22, 2:08pm
you might be right - be interesting to see. Getting very active inland again. I think it's gonna kick off again to be quite honest.

coralsnake, Jan 22, 2:09pm
Yep, for sure! Phillipstown.
Was just off to bed - having second thoughts now.

cc7, Jan 22, 2:09pm
didn't feel that in Burnham, so def not centred this way

got2bin2win, Jan 22, 2:10pm
Thats the only one since the september one thats made my heart miss a beat lol.

dreamingofbali, Jan 22, 2:10pm
Yep, am with you on that - I'm same general area as you, south Chch - wonder if that was near us! Was such a sharp out-of-the-blue jolt. Hope there aren't more to come.

mumndads_folly, Jan 22, 2:12pm
I have to agree, my heart is still racing! Surprised hubby slept through!

got2bin2win, Jan 22, 2:13pm
Im also in Phillips town so perhaps it is waltham linwood centred.

dreamingofbali, Jan 22, 2:13pm
I hope everyone who has posted here has filled ina 'felt report' at geonet! I notice on the drum there was a shake at around 12:50 a.m. that looks like it must be at least a 3, that's not showing up yet, and I'd really like to know where that one and this one were centred!

knackid1, Jan 22, 2:15pm
Only a 3.7

tombstoneinc, Jan 22, 2:15pm
it was definitely very close that's for sure.

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