Did I just feel a quake in nelson?

jodi8118, Jan 22, 12:29pm
Two shakes just a few min ago! I was nearly asleep. I'm sure I did. Thought I was safe here. My heart pounding now.

lambrat, Jan 22, 12:34pm
i felt one here, but it was more than just a few minutes ago, and so small you'd never have felt it in nelson!
rest easy :))

100peaks, Jan 22, 12:36pm
Apparently Marlborough is within the highest earthquake risk zone in New Zealand. It's horrible when you've got away for a break and that happens. We had one here in Melbourne two weeks after we moved. The kids got a huge fright!

nz_1_girl1, Jan 22, 1:15pm
how big was the 1 in melbourne! And when

wizzball, Jan 22, 1:23pm
Nothing on the drums.

jodi8118, Jan 22, 7:20pm
Wow must have been a sort of nightmare. Took ages to get back to sleep. Thanks guys.

bantamus, Jan 22, 7:22pm
it sits at the northern end of the Alpine Fault and the area is riddled with major faults !

craftylady1, Jan 22, 7:29pm
Had 1 or 2 in Marlborough when we were up there. Actually, most xmas times we azre up there, we get one

100peaks, Jan 22, 8:31pm
About a 4.5- quite out East, not really *in* Melbourne. I actually live out of Melbs in the fire prone Eastern suburbs- but it's the easiest way to explain it. We moved here on 23 June. so around 2 ish weeks after that.

chch_returnee, Jan 22, 8:36pm
Yes I remember that because I text my bro (he's Upper Fern Tree Gully and dosen't work too far from home) anywayyyy I asked if he had felt the quake, the text back was "oh I wondered why my chair moved"

jam-sam, Jan 22, 9:48pm
My daughter moved over to us in QLD in April (from ChCh).The first day she was here (16/04/11) there was an EQ here.We were outside hanging out the washing and everything went quiet then all the dogs in the street started barking like crazy.She said jokingly 'Maybe it's an EQ' and I told her not to be so silly, you're not in ChCh now lol.Little did I know!

angelus_nz, Jan 22, 10:46pm
thats weird Jodi! im in nelson too and as i was drifting off to sleep last night (have no idea what time but was late) i woke in a panic- something woke me/snapped me out of my almost sleep state, i swore it was a quake but dont think there was one.

weluvcanterbury, Jan 22, 11:56pm
We used to feel little ones in Nelson all the time -a few years ago now.

crab2, Jan 23, 2:45am
There may be alot of fault lines but that doesn't mean to say there will be a big one

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