Good on AMI

tillsbury, Jan 21, 4:11am
Well blow me down.I just bought a house with the usual "conditional upon satisfactory insurance" clause, and they were insured with AMI.So I rang them this morning (on the off-chance they would be there), and a very pleasant chap dealt with it all in three or four minutes even though I've never been an AMI customer before.All insured, $600pa with a $200 excess.Blimey, it takes longer than that to call my existing insurance company who know all my details.

bandrach, Jan 21, 4:16am
Very cool.small steps eh!Where did you buy by the way. And congrats on your new purchase

tillsbury, Jan 21, 7:35am
Sefton, and thanks for the congrats!Now hope to subdivide, have a mate in Bexley red zone who's desperate for a section to move his relatively undamaged house on to.He is a happy bunny now, most sections won't let you move an existing house on, but of course I will., Jan 21, 7:43am
Awesome. We found them to be fantastic, too. We are current AMI customers with a red zone property looking a purchasing another and getting insurance for the new place was no problem at all. AMI ++++

kacy5, Jan 21, 8:31am
Nice in Sefton, been on the outskirts for years.Enjoy your new home.

janey6675, Jan 21, 10:02pm
AMI have been really good with us as well.We were in the green/blue zone (being assessed again after December quake) and we have been confirmed as a rebuild.AMI have just got on with it.Well done AMI.We are already stressed and having good customer service along with actual good service is some weight off the shoulders.

babyonboardnz, Jan 21, 10:06pm
good luck have a freind out ther in a two year old house that mite become a demo job so all the best out there in Sefton

bandrach, Jan 21, 10:18pm
My mum helps wih 2 boys out at Sefton, she just loves it out there

lambrat, Jan 21, 10:22pm
primo, enjoy your new improved situation!

ramazon, Jan 22, 8:06am
must be a crap house and/or on crap land as heard of no one out there with anything more thanminor cracks.possibly a crap story it is.

tillsbury, Jan 22, 8:57am
Sounds a bit surprising, haven't heard of anything more than tiny cracks even in seriously dodgy houses out here.Which 'two year old house' is this, there aren't a lot of those!

tillsbury, Jan 22, 8:58am
Thanks!But it's not new and improved. We already live here!Enjoy it more and more every day.

cindygirl, Jan 22, 9:10am
good for you,we have been with ami for over twenty years,they have been great.we had a run of bad luck the quakes,burglery,car crash,and nother was a bother to deal with they were g8,payed out fast

smallbird, Jan 22, 2:43pm
Me too with AMI nice experience:)

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