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sikeres, Jan 8, 7:31pm
Bump for the New Year :-)

ninner, Jan 8, 8:20pm
i also love the independent fishers and helliers shop - its a great to get heaps and save! i am looking forward to going back when the kids are back at school

littlepukeko, Jan 8, 8:25pm
Apparently Deep South has an icecream one on the corner of Main Southa nd Halswell Junction.

hobby-park, Jan 8, 9:05pm
went to deep south on thursday, got 10 litres of icecream in a cardboard pack for $15-00 - seconds but lovely, had boysenberry and hokey pokey.
Also had 2 litre packs with a good range of flavours for $3 and 5 litre cardboard packs for $8. apparently things change depending on whats being processed.
Very friendly and helpful staff, will be going again, but as we live in the east it wont be for a while.

hayleynadam, Jan 9, 4:29am
hobby-park with the ice cream factory is it like a wee shop you go into and look around! always wondered how its set out if that makes sense!i drive past it twice a day but never been in, think i might have to venture in there now.

skana5, Jan 9, 5:37am
inderpendent fisheries have poato chips on sale a box of 24 40gr packs are only $5.00 so cheap, only 1 flavour Rack of Ribs but they are soooooo yummy. worth a visit good for school lunches makes them way cheaper than the snack packs

andrea09, Jan 9, 5:50am
where is the independent fisheries shop!

annekeandjo, Jan 9, 6:09am
where abouts is the deep south ice cream place!

spudy2, Jan 9, 6:30am
Have you not noticed that Hellers meat smells! My opinion only(can't bring myself to eat this meat) even if my husband takes it out of there packing

hobby-park, Jan 9, 8:42am
quote=hayleynadam]hobby-park with the ice cream factory is it like a wee shop you go into and look around! always wondered how its set out if that makes sense!i drive past it twice a day but never been in, think i might have to venture in there now.[/quote
Regarding deep south, you turn onto halswell junction road and then I think it is hickory place. they have a sign outside and if you miss that you turn at the next right and go to number 19. not very up with the location, dont know that part of town well, but check the phone book and ring them, they will tell you.
You go into a factory type building and the freezers are around the wall with all the yummy ice cream and there is a window where you can see the icecream being packed. on the right hand side opposite the freezers, is the office part and the staff are extremely helpful and friendly.
Take cash and cards.
highly recommend.

chch_returnee, Jan 10, 7:22pm
No sure if anyone has put this up but the Food Factory on Ferry Road opp the old Countdown has a great range of seconds. Off cuts slices for $1 or $2 and HUGE bags of biscuits for $6 - too many for my 7 litre biscuit tin

mikew, Jan 10, 7:38pm
Just wondering. what's living in the "east" got to do with buying icecream!, Jan 10, 7:50pm
Becuase its on the other side of town . . . . makes it an expensive trip.

I love verkerks factory shop, great stuff for pizzas, platters and sandwiches

suzy30, Jan 10, 8:05pm
I went to coupland yesterday at hornby. They had hamburger buns for $1-99 senconds of pies 8 per bag $5 savourys $5 senconds, Quiches $5 a bag, 2 family meat pies $5. 2 small round frozen pizzas for $5. Frozen meals $3-99 and mini dounuts $2 for a tub.

pommie777, Jan 10, 8:48pm
We had their savouries, pies etc over Christmas and omg, they are sooo good! Apparently they do fundraising for schools etc. My nephews' school in Greymouth had done it and were really impressed. We weren't keen on their pizzas, but everything else was lovely.

tawera_moeke, Jan 10, 8:49pm
Deep South Ice Cream Ltd.
16 Connaught Drive, Hornby,
P.O. Box 16382,
Christchurch, New Zealand.

Telephone: 64-3-344-0477
Facsimile: 64-3-344-0377

angeb2, Jan 10, 8:52pm

mikew, Jan 10, 9:28pm
eh !

angeb2, Jan 11, 3:47am
Bump for the money savers!

rasin11, Jan 22, 3:47am
Money savers looks cheap but when the delivery costs are added I have found it almost doubles the cost. Would be fine for those with limited access to supermarkets but just check the delivery before pushing the final button!

gaspodetwd, Jan 22, 3:57am
Helancia avanue does pizza, pies, fish fingers, muffins, biscuits, cakes etc. last time I went I got an enormous bag ofbroken and mishapen cookies for $5. I reckoned it had over 100 cookies - shortbread, choc chip, gingerbread, Anzac and fruit and oat cookies in it. Their bake at home croissants are lovely. I forget the price - but waaaay cheaper than buying from a supermarket. They do catering cakes at a fraction of normal cost.

8603633, Jan 22, 10:08am
independant fisheries. I can't stand the smell of that place! My kids wont even get out of the car it stinks so much. I went there once a couple of months ago cause of a thread like this and the freezers all smelt of fish. Am I the only one who can't bear to buy food from that place!

tara13, Jan 22, 10:16am
Ummm don't fisheries usually smell of fish though

spenco, Jan 22, 8:17pm
hahaha Davis Gelatine around the round smells worse ;)
Its $5 week this week too at PNS

kimmy06, Jan 24, 4:07am
Wow - this thread is awesome :).
Thanks guys !

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