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liddellgirl, Jan 21, 11:13pm
Was trying to save some money and did my hair colour athome this time, not happy with the results, its not terrible but I have colour difference from roots to main colour. Does anyone know a reasonably priced salon I can go to and get a full colour and cut ! eeep !

timewarpedone, Jan 21, 11:15pm
Which part of town do you live in! I go to Cabana hair co. in Woolston. They are very good in there :)

liddellgirl, Jan 21, 11:24pm
Addington, don't mind a bit of travelling though for somewhere good

craftylady1, Jan 21, 11:30pm
Emilys Hair Design nth Brighton.works from hme

EHD on Facebook

roshu, Jan 21, 11:45pm
Lots of great hairdressers are working out of garages just now. I go to one in North beach. Travel 35 mins to see her, it's worth it.

liddellgirl, Jan 22, 12:46am
hmm, maybe I'll just wait for a deal on Grabone etc.

ibcreative, Jan 22, 12:53am
I can second that. I've been going there for the last 20 years. They are excellent!

brooke211, Jan 22, 1:43am
Snippers Hair and Beauty in Hornby. Fantastic!

harrislucinda, Jan 22, 1:46am
where!in themallor!//howmuchlastcuti hadwasbelfast$38justawash andcut

harrislucinda, Jan 22, 1:47am
is thereamannamedougworkspart time!

brooke211, Jan 22, 1:52am
Springs Road. They have a FB page if you want to have a look

harrislucinda, Jan 22, 1:55am

mystiquestud, Jan 22, 1:56am
My friend works in one in new brighton :) I dunno what there prices are but he always does my hair and I've never had a reason to complain :D I think he said to redo my colours (I have 3 lol) and give it a cut n stuff it would be no more than $100 if I was to go into his work

gutlux, Jan 22, 2:29am
GROUPON has a deal on today - $80 for cut, style, shampoo, blowdry, conditioner plus full colour or 1/2 head of foils - in Richmond, Christchurch. Is $49 without the colour.

andrea09, Jan 22, 2:48am
Creative hair in hornby-looks like a nana salon but really good and cost me $140 for half head of foils, cut and blow dry (i have long hair tho)

liddellgirl, Jan 22, 2:53am
Really! I only see a deal for a pillow. maybe it's finished !

blackcats13, Jan 22, 3:38am
I second that, been going there for years,excellent job for a very good price.

harrislucinda, Jan 22, 4:06am
whatisthepriceforawetcut!anddoyou havetomakeanappointmentthanks

cyndy1, Jan 22, 9:04am
I do a $80 cut and colour from home am in ch ch central did u email me my computer is playing up

blackcats13, Jan 22, 9:11am
They have got quite busy, and popular,so yes you should make an appt, they have always taken people who walk in tho,and you just have to sit and wait your turn. so up to you.I used to go with Wet hair for a dry cut,and it would cost me about $18,so Wet cut wouldnt be too much more,not sure if prices have changed.I used to get about 20 odd foils on short to medium hair,and full colour over rest including cut,and that would cost me $85,I havent had it done for about a year .Im going this week to get it done actually.

n.c, Jan 22, 9:30am

shells23, Jan 22, 11:01am
Hey . are you any good with blondes! .well people going blonde!

glamour-puss, Jan 22, 11:04am
Is she on Marine Parade! If so she is most excellent.

skulljamesmon, Jan 22, 5:53pm
Next Gen Hair is a salon run by Avonmore Tertiary Institute for their hairdressing students.All services performed by students are under the full supervision of qualified tutors.Consultations will take longer than in a professional salon but the prices are much, much cheaper.
Phone 389 1992 1025 Ferry Road (The Sails) Ferrymead.

cyndy1, Jan 22, 9:53pm
yeah i am am blonde myself so have experience

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