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miss_ruby_blue, Jan 21, 11:34pm
Can u recommend good areas close to the city with nice preschools and cheapish housing! Also how high is the chance of earthquakes and tsunamis in the area!

dannyboy24, Jan 21, 11:40pm
i moved from nelson to chch 2 years ago and the missus and i are moving back up in april and i cant wait. Im afraid nelsons not known for its cheap housing but it still supercool. I was living there for 16 yrs before shifting to chch and didnt feel a single quake and happily there have been no tsunamis there in that time either. nelson/golden bay is nice and sheltered by farewell spit etc. See ya there.

puddles11, Jan 21, 11:45pm

crab2, Jan 21, 11:47pm
It doesn't matter where you live there is a chance of an Earthquake

jane310567, Jan 21, 11:51pm
Nelson is my pick of places to live in nz- have to be in chch tho for jobs abd education.

miss_ruby_blue, Jan 21, 11:53pm
Yes i know but as im moving alone with two small children an no family up there and an extreme hate for earthquakes. Id like to know the risks.

Thanks for link

miney1, Jan 21, 11:57pm
Yes there is no guaranteeswith mother nature. Having just visited Golden Bay and seen the devastationthere, also the red stickered houses due to the floods in Nelson no area is immune.

miss_ruby_blue, Jan 21, 11:58pm
yikes dont like the sound of that

mbos, Jan 22, 12:00am
At the moment you've got more of a worry with regards to flooding and landslides.

Nelson isn't entirely seismic activity free, 1929 with epicentre in Murch was a bit of a doozy.However, it hasn't had a biggie since then.

Nelson is a lovely place to live, hence a lot of people wanting to live there, which doesn't make for cheap or plentiful housing, especially at the moment when many are making the move from Canterbury to Nelson.Also, with a number of Nelson houses having been severely damaged or destroyed in the recent floods and landslides, there are a number of displaced Nelsonians also competing for rentals on the market.

temekoflower, Jan 22, 12:22am
Im shifting there aswel. Just looking for rentals now. Have emailed many in last few days. Lots landlords or agents asking to meet you in person so they know who living in the house. As I have family there and view the houses for me. It makes it hard. But Ive suggested to few Ive emailed is a skype session algood. They could meet us then see what we look like and have a chat. Alot said awesome what a great idea. Phew. As cant drive there to view every house each week. If you get a accomadion supplement threw working for familys etc the accommodation supplements you recieve is bettter than in chch. Ill get $30 more a week. But dont know your curcumstances financially. Christchurch has become very pricey in rent now so Nelson about the same. I personally am finding cheaper there. Im hoping that the message board be good place to track down new people that have shifted to nelson to meetup. If you will have to find new friends etc. And of course kids schools etc good place to meet people.

temekoflower, Jan 22, 12:25am
Oh dont forget google earth is great. view the property you looking at and checkout how busy roads are etc. And whats around.

miss_ruby_blue, Jan 22, 12:35am
finding a house seems to be the hardest part. i have a job organized, preschool shouldnt be that hard. Moving trucks probly be expensive. be lonely without friends but im sure they will come with time. Starting to think we may live in a camping ground for couple months so i can scope areas out and personally see rentals. Im only 24 so im hoping im still adaptable lol.

matthew111, Jan 22, 12:45am
.Chances are the same as any other place in NZ over the last few million years. The Christchurch earthquakes are only minor in the long term picture of the changing nature of NZ and other tectonic plate bordering countries.

ladeda, Jan 22, 12:55am
Nelson sits on a myriad of faultlines - think Murchison and Inangahua quakes.

Housing is expensive and jobs scarce. The average wage here is at least $5ph less than anywhere else in the country. eg My husband is a tradesman painter and the most he can get working for a company in Nelson is $19ph but was offered $35ph in ChCh by a painting company.

Nelson is a lovely place to live if you have guaranteed work and somewhere to live. We have a family of six living next door in a small caravan. They moved up from ChCh with the expectation of cheap rent !!!!!!!!!

ladeda, Jan 22, 1:01am

spead, Jan 22, 1:01am
we lived there over 30 years ago and houses were destroyed by an earthquake. At the time we said people should never build on those sites again. 30 years later a new house was finished on the site only at Christmas time. Idiots.

mbos, Jan 22, 1:09am
Sorry, you lived there when, and there were houses destroyed by an earthquake!Around the 1970's-1980's!And there were houses destroyed by an earthquake!I'm quite surprised, I lived there too, and cannot recall an earthquake of any note at that time, let alone one that destroyed houses!

ladeda, Jan 22, 1:16am
I think the Inangahua earthquake was felt strongly in Nelson and possibly caused damage. 1968.

mbos, Jan 22, 1:37am
I know it was strongly felt in Nelson ladeda, but I wasn't aware it had caused such damage!Must ask Mum, see what she remembers.

rose-murray, Jan 22, 1:41am
I think there was a big one in Inangahua in 1968 which was well felt in Nelson.

helmont, Jan 22, 3:37am
I come from a family with 70 years of living in Nelson.We are all at a loss a to what anf where you might be referring to.
Can you please enlighten us! And back up your claim!

mbos, Jan 22, 3:43am
Oh, good, I'm glad I'm not the only one, helmont!My family has lived in the Nelson region since the 1840's, and I'm confused.I know about Murch and Inangahua, but I've not caught up with Nelson having suffered such severe damage in the last 30 odd years from an earthquake.Dad was a real estate agent, so I would have thought I'd have heard about it.

dannyboy24, Jan 22, 3:48am

temekoflower, Jan 22, 5:25am
Why does everyone say housing expensive. Christchurch has become VERY expensive for rental. Nelson you can get sea views like sumner for under $400. well Sumner you would pay blimmin $700

griffin55, Jan 22, 7:17am
It was the Murchison quake that done damage in Nelson in 1929, it bought some of Nelson Boys College down, I lived there in the 80's and lot's of photo's of it.

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