Oh what to do with mother in Rangiora?

courtney2004, Jan 22, 6:47am
I have mum all to my self tomorrow for a couple of hours from 10am to 2pm so I wonder what shall we do! We are in McCleans Island area but thought to head up to Rangiora. Any crafty shops etc! shes into quilting a little like me so any ideas! Thanks in advance and we are going to a hopefully have a picnic but I was thinking it could be the Gryones I dont know!

masarius, Jan 22, 7:00am
I've never actually been in there but there is a sewing type shop by the warehouse that has a quilt and old Singer sewing machine in the window.There are a lot more ornament type gift stores too which could be nice to look around.

johnny.com, Jan 22, 7:39am
Absolutely head out to Rangiora. There is a quilters shop by the Warehouse, wander down the main street which has some nice clothing and gift shops. Have a nice coffee at the Good Street Deli. Have a lovely day out

lmbyas, Jan 22, 8:39am
Take her here, yummy food, gorgeous coffee, and you can watch them decorate the cakes.

terraalba, Jan 22, 8:40am
Yes, There is a lovely quilting shop there and a couple of other similar places to browse. It's a fantastic place to get away from the ruins and the dust. I shouldn't have said that really because now the secret's out.

courtney2004, Jan 22, 10:34am
Thanks so much everyone! I am so looking forward to it. One day we dont have toe done the overals and feed the 350 calves as others are doing it! We can be ladies and enjoy the special time we hardly have together.

olwen, Jan 22, 11:13am
What's the museum out there!My aunt's funeral was held there, and we spent time poking around.Fascinating.

bootsy2003, Jan 22, 6:21pm
There is a small museum in Good Street, but you are probably referring to Northbrook Museum - lots of things to look at there, open by appointment - http://rossburnreceptions.co.nz/4Museum.html

andy61, Jan 22, 7:08pm
While you are in Rangiora,go for a wee drive to Pegasus,check out the lakes etc,have a coffee at the golf club. Enjoy your day.

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