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fepixie, Jan 1, 4:35am
*stumbles in a bit crosseyed*
Wow - what a treasure trove of info is over at the royal commission stuff

for those of you with questions about whats happening underground - and can handle a long read - check out these.

Includes statements from Dr Jarg Pettinga, Dr Terry Webb, Dr Graeme McVerry, and Rachael Ford.

06 December 2011 2011-10-18 Canterbury Earthquakes Sequence and Implications for Seismic Design Levels hearing transcript

Ford, Rachael
McVerry, Dr Gaeme
Pettinga, Jarg
Webb, T H


http://canterbury.royalcommission.govt.nz/documents-by-key/20111206.1544 The faults and historical earthquakes in the Canterbury region - Presentation to the Canterbury Earthquakes Royal Commission - October 2011 - Prof. Jarg R. Pettinga, Head ??

fepixie, Jan 1, 5:45am
heres the 3rd set of slides for the transcript above

Implications for structural design motions - Presentation to the Canterbury Earthquakes Royal Commission - October 2011 - Dr Graeme McVerry, Principal Scientist, Natural Hazards Division, GNS Science

18 October 2011 Implications for structural design motions - Presentation to the Canterbury Earthquakes Royal Commission - October 2011

McVerry, Dr Gaeme



(from page 83 on)

fepixie, Jan 1, 9:01am
Images there has been lots of questions about.

the faultlines inferred from the recent land seismic surveys (with the machine from canada) including the location of faults in the central city
https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-CL6GJVK8d48/TwAXii2pS_I/AAAAAAAAAeo/ZVt9stNNgNA/s720/Capture22.PNG the NIWA offshore mapping https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-MnBToFizf70/TwAXv4cp8MI/AAAAAAAAAfA/OUC1PeCe_ms/s720/Capture24.PNG

the difference between "active" and "inactive" faulting
only the ones that reach up near the surface - are called "active" faults

hazelmajor, Jan 1, 10:27am
Thanks for all this fepixie. I've only read 30 pages so far but the John Le Carre novel has been tossed aside - I'm hooked. Beats me how some mb posters can say the scientists know nothing!

fepixie, Jan 2, 1:44am
Welcome hazel :)
Sure is a lot of explanation needed to explain the bigger pic eh - i think reading that lot (at least the first half) will go a long way to helping people understand whats happening - however some seem to just prefer the quick conspiracy links or media snippets to real info :|

mattthetubaguy, Jan 2, 7:28am
Interesting. In terms of energy, today is 5th since the 7.1 quake last year.
so 4/9/2010, 22/2/2011~13/6/2011, 23/12/2011, 2/1/2012
next would be 6/6/2011~6/9/2011 then 21/6/2011~9/10/2011

the wiggle means approximately the same.

hazelmajor, Jan 3, 2:35am
Do any of you know whether you can get access to fault mechanism info (beachball stuff) for all shakes or is it only presented for the larger ones!

fepixie, Jan 3, 3:07am
i *think* tho i'm not sure - that the beachballs usually come from USGS - so there will only be ones in the USGS catalogue that you can look up is my guess

to find them on USGS - click on a quake - click the scientific and technical tab - and click on the links with big red O's next to them - you will see the beachballs or different text representations of them.

the closest i can find at geonet is the "moment tensor solutions" on this page - but they're figures for plotting the balls not actual pics.

fepixie, Jan 3, 3:17am
eh - the old bag sure does sound stroppy lately - i hope she wears herself out n goes elsewhere 2 play :|she must have almost worn out here movement 'budget' lately surely.

mattthetubaguy, Jan 3, 3:35am
How about Welly.

hazelmajor, Jan 3, 3:36am
Thanks fepixie. I had looked at that moment tensor solutions stuff, but without an explanation of the different column headings the figures went into the too hard bin. I guess you need to know more than I do before you look, so I'll try the USGS for beachballs. You are right, it's about time her beachball got deflated!

fepixie, Jan 5, 3:06am
eeep - no fun - but i'm sure they'll get a go sooner or later too. :(

fepixie, Jan 8, 10:06pm
Geonet 2011 summary
http://www.geonet.org.nz/news/archives/2012/jan-9-2012-principal-earthquakes-of-new-zealand-in-2011.html In 2011, a total of 59 earthquakes of magnitude 5.0 or greater occurred in New Zealand, seven of which were of magnitude 6.0 or greater and 19 of which were at depths of greater than 100 km.
the dec 23 page has been updated too (more beachballs on it hazel)

fepixie, Jan 9, 6:59am
i figure most of you dont know how to load the geonet datafeeds to google earth or play the time sequencing on them - so i made a movie in case its interesting ;)- this shows all quakes listed by geonet between 1-8-10 and today (in 33 seconds).

probably best watched on fullscreen.

starry7, Jan 9, 7:03am
Thats pretty cool fepixie. is there any way of slowing down the video!

fepixie, Jan 9, 7:19am
and heres one from Jun 1 to today - bit more zoomed in on the city - and including faultline overlays from GNS and Canty Uni

fepixie, Jan 9, 7:21am
thats as slow as i can get it to go on google earth - it plays for 30 seconds as standard - and just fits however many days you have turned on into the 30 seconds.so they go a bit slower if you dont try and show the whole lot in one go.

just let me know if you want a particular time period or area done more detailed :)

hazelmajor, Jan 10, 9:11am
In here smoo.

fepixie, Jan 11, 7:12am
erm - we have a stray quake heading south i see.
Reference 3640458
Depth (km) 5
Magnitude 2.485
Date (UTC) 2012-01-10T13:21:01.897Z

in lake ellesmere.
. related to those ones still pinging away at "the gap" maybe !hope not.

chip8, Jan 11, 7:14am
Give him Auckland, and take Kapiti for yourself.

fepixie, Jan 11, 7:43am
you'd like to see the rest of NZ did you say!

melric, Jan 11, 7:35pm
fepixie - I have a quick question for you if thats OK, I know that you and no one else in the world has the answer 100% but a rough guess would be great. I have noticed on the TM MB lately there have been a number of comments re the alpine fault and that we r not being told the full truth, that it is going to be a heck of alot worse than we have been told in the past. Now as I am from CHCH and am living a wee nightmare with eq's at the mo this scares the s**t outta me, but I really want to know the truth, if this 8 on the alpine happens in my lifetime what is it going to be like for us here in chch! (no smart arse answers from others please, im not trying to scare anyone or look for attention, just clear my own mind and move on, cheers) Thanks heaps:)

mattthetubaguy, Jan 11, 7:44pm
In CHCH city, it will feel similar to the 7.1, except longer, because it is bigger, but further away.
That's what would be expected. The place where the rupture starts would matter quite a lot. The further south the rupture starts, the worse the shaking would be due to a shockwave sort of effect.

fepixie, Jan 11, 11:26pm
Hi Melric - this is probably the best explanation i've seen as to what it would be like in chch with a mag8 from the alpine
as you can see, they expect it will go on for a long time - but the intensity of the shaking will be much much lower than you've already experienced

i dont envy the folk who will be much closer to the action than you guys in chch tho - for those on the west coast it will be horrendous - and depending on where the rupture is - i think even wellington will be worse off than chch in a large alpine event.

hazelmajor, Jan 12, 12:31am
As you guys well know, its not just the initial event that affects people, so I agree that people on the more remote west coast will have a tougher time. In Chch you now have experience of not only physical conditions, but psychological and social implications, that may be of help to other communities.

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