Lost cat papanui

ozzy6569, Jan 15, 10:29am
we r in the process of getting a trap from cat rescue.maggie has been living not far from our place as a stray.a lovely old lady rung us on fri night thinking it may be our cat.went to her place and sure enough it was.she is wild and very scared so we r going to try to trap her.hoping to have her back home this week.she will be GROUNDED and not allowed outside.lol.but so glad she is alive.she has been living rough for nearly 7wks.did recoginise my husbands voice but run when she saw us.

ozzy6569, Feb 15, 10:26pm
after 11 wks missing maggie is now home.my husband found her down by placemakers on cranford st.not far frm home.very skinny and hungry

fronta1, Feb 15, 10:48pm
fantastic ending! so great to hear she is home safe now.

nz_nicola, Feb 15, 11:06pm
thats great news :-))

ozzy6569, Dec 1, 9:11am
our girl has decided to leave home and not tell us where she was going.sometime during last night she went.she is chipped and wearing a collar with a tag on it which has her name Maggie and my cell no.she is black and white short hair.we r by foodstuffs on main north rd.

ozzy6569, Dec 1, 4:49pm
still nothing this morning

tarn146, Dec 1, 6:02pm
Will keep an eye out for Maggie.

unkwsolutions, Dec 1, 6:19pm
Have you put up a listing and pic in Lost & Found and on Petsontenet. Goodluck .

gypsy271, Dec 1, 6:20pm
Hope your cat comes back soon :-)).I know how you are feeling as my cat who's13 years old went missing for 2 months before all the quakes etc and guess what he came back!

ozzy6569, Dec 1, 9:42pm
she is in my listing in lost and found
Listing #: 428559650

ozzy6569, Dec 2, 2:07am
and is now on petsonthenet

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