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atena, Jan 1, 9:35pm
hi everybody, I feel really sad that I can't do anything for you guys. If any of you decide to come to Melbourne please leave me a message here and I can give you some tips or help about living in Melbourne.

kdmay, Jan 2, 12:02am
Thank you Atena. Am so trapped at the mo, just want to get over there and away from NB. Happy New Year to you!

jojo781, Jan 2, 12:19am
Atena, where abouts in Melbourne are you.We are currently renting in Fawkner for 6 months but plan to buy in the Tullamarine area soon.

lam5, Jan 2, 12:39am
Not all the Gold Coast is dodgy, but it does have sh*t suburbs just the same as chch does!We've been here since the beginning of sept, came well planned and with money behind us. Hubby got a job straight away, great wages, working conditions etc. Unfortunately kiwis are getting a bad name because of the amount of bludgers moving over here.

atena, Jan 2, 1:49am
Happy New Year to you too. Good luck with everything and hug to you

atena, Jan 2, 1:53am
I am in West Footrscray. We love it here. It is a new development are despite we were told not to come to Footscray but we are in nice side of it. It used to be a Tyre factory and the developers demolished the factory and build lots of houses and unit apartments here.

blackbnz, Jan 2, 2:11am
does oz have any faultlines have they had any earthquakes or overdue for any!We are seriously considering going over as we have young children who are quite traumatised in chch.I know they have floods fires etc over there but what about earthquakes!.lol it would be just my luck to leave chch and oz have an earthquake!Does anyone know!

neecapz, Jan 2, 2:15am
Aussie can and does have earthquakes (Newcastle in 1989 the most recent well known one) but I believe that they are mostly small and not centred near anywhere populated.We moved here from Canty in August and yes I googled earthquakes in Australia before we made the move :)Of course there are risks everywhere and I am still getting used to seeing cockroaches (blerk!) and creey crawlies, large goannas at the beach etc, regular electrical storms, all that, but they don't leave me living in constant fear and dread like the eq's did.I am at peace now and it feels wonderful.

Have a look here http://www.ga.gov.au/earthquakes/

ps. Australia doesn't have any plate boundaries running through it like NZ does.

atena, Jan 2, 2:18am
Hi, I did a research about Victoria. There is no fault line which would cause any major quake or anything like that. In terms of bush fire and flood, I also looked at the possible area of bush fire which is in the east side of Melbourne. We also avoided the area near the rivers (especially Yarra) and other places in terms of flood. I believe there are small fault line in Adelaide area but don't think they are anywhere near what we have in CHCH or generally NZ.

atena, Jan 2, 2:21am
I haven't seen one. Do you know if they have them in Melbourne too!

blackbnz, Jan 2, 2:22am
thanks!yes I too want to feel at peace again instead of the constant fear and I cannot get on with normal life as the kids are terrified and I worry what this is doing to their childhood which should be normal but is not!We have a mortgage and business in chch which is doing extremely well so it is a big decision for us to pack up and go!

blackbnz, Jan 2, 2:23am
great thread Atena!good to hear you are enjoying your life over in Oz!

neecapz, Jan 2, 2:24am
don't know.I am in Port Macquarie NSW and when we signed our lease, we had to sign to say that cockroaches were a known pest in the area and it wasn't the landlords fault if we had any.Thankfully the few I have found inside are dead (house must have been sprayed) and I have learnt to keep the screen doors shut!I also found a large lizard in my bedroom a few weeks ago, that was interesting!

atena, Jan 2, 2:30am
can I ask if it is a new house or older house! I remember in Middle east we used to have them in the older houses. Lizards, cockroaches and scorpion were common creatures in the old houses there, very scary though.

kyle0703, Jan 2, 2:30am
um it's not just childcare rebate, you always get FTB which is like WFF

atena, Jan 2, 2:32am
yes that is correct. You are right. Thanks

restyledvintage, Jan 2, 2:49am
Newer, house is about 12 yrs old and in a newer area with new homes still being built.

restyledvintage, Jan 2, 2:51am
Neecapz here the, posting on ph now, signed in with business id

ranablack, Jan 2, 3:53am
where you get that info! i took 2 HD tv's and 2 dvd recorders and never had a prob, the only thing is your phone, need to change the jack point thing on it

richynuts, Jan 2, 4:13am
Won't you miss out on your pension, be a shame if you do after paying taxes for so long

atena, Dec 30, 12:43am
Hi everybody
I have realised some people here have been talking about leaving CHCH to other parts of the country or even Australia. I just thought that I should share my experience with those of you you have decided to move out of the city or more specifically New Zealand. 13 June was the last straw for my family and I (DH, I plus two small kids -5y and 7y). We decided to move to Melbourne.However we didn't jump into the airplane and run we planned everything. So here is our plan.
1- we created a time frame which is realistic to sell / pack /etc. Our time frame was 10 weeks. So we booked a ticket on 1 Sept. to leave the country for good.
2- we had to see which freight company is the best for us. So we did get quotes from 4 different companies. Then we decided to go with Grace 'cos of several reasons. a)had a good reputation b) they had an office in Melbourne and they were doing the freight themselves rather than contracting third parties c)they acted pretty professional however they weren't the cheapest but they were in the middle range.
3- We planned what needs to go to Australia and what needs to be given away, sold, etc. In the course of 9 weeks I sold everything which I didn't want them or were older than 3 years. I sold them on trademe, garage sale or donate them, etc.
4- We knew that we are coming to Melbourne and we won't have jobs for sometimes. So we planned that we have to minimise our expenditure and live on minimum and use our savings. It is not easy when you have kids but we knew it would be the case. However I had my freelance business till found a new job.
5- Be aware there is no government support (except childcare rebate, etc). We knew that before coming to Australia so we weren't counting on any external help than ourselves.
6- We don't have any family in Melbourne or generally in Australia. The only connection which we had was my last 3 years of freelance work with Melbourne based companies.
7- we decided to come here and stay in an self contained apartment till we find a permanent accommodation. We hired a relocation company to look for a house for us (of course we told them what we wanted). You may think that is ridiculous and why we didn't do all the work by ourselves. But believe me if you are coming to Australia especially to Melbourne and have no Australian landlords in Australia before, forget about finding a house. The relocation agencies know how to get you a house and have much better connection than individuals.Also, if you don't have a job the landlord or the real state won't look at your application so better to pay a relocation agency to find you a house. Relocation agency did all the leg works and we went around and looked at the short listed houses and chose one. Put it this way, we came on Thursday to Melbourne. Looked at the houses on Friday. Liked one out of nine and then said yes on Monday moved to the new house on Wed and the kids started school on Thursday. So, I strongly suggest to use relocation agencies. They would charge you but if you are going to stay in a temp accommodation for a month you would pay more on a temp accommodation that the relocation agency fees.
8- You have to be realistic and dependes on the type of jobs and skills you had, you may or may not be able to find a job quickly. Both DH and I have a special taste in terms of jobs and maybe for a young person would be easy to get any jobs but when you get older you don't want to apply for any JOBS. After 3.5 months both DH and I found a pretty good job in our own area of previous works and skills. Much better paid.
In conclusion, what I am saying is that if you have decided to leave and come to Australia, you need to plan, plan, plan, plan everything (look at the emphasis on the word plan) and have some financial support as there might be though if you don't find a job right away. I beilve this was the best decision we have ever made in our life and wanted to share it w/ you.G'd luck

r.g.nixon, Dec 30, 12:45am
You traitors! But seriously, good luck to you!

girlsrus, Dec 30, 12:49am
awesome post.and best wishes to you and your family.

bantamus, Dec 30, 12:49am
atena . well said . too many go over with rose coloured glasses on and find it a lot harder. all capital cities in aussie are under enormous strain with more population than affordable housing; so getting a rental is at a premium and a real challenge. the costs vary dramatically from one city to another.

One big thing; do NOT take any TV's / DVD recorders etc if they are HD, they will not work in Aussie.

jcmp21, Dec 30, 12:50am

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