Vet prices ( desex a male cat)

we are wanting to get our boy cat fixed and were wanting to try find a cheap vet to do it as we on a tight budget. anyone know any good ones. we are in bryndwr but dont mind a little travel

noah_moo, Jan 14, 7:19 pm

try ringing cats protection league, or bishopdale petshop(I saw a flyer for cheap desexing in their window, just can't quite remeber who!)
Maybe just do a ring around and see who's cheepest, spca might do it, or even a vet school!

jax163, Jan 14, 7:31 pm

Not a cat, but It cost 180 to fix my wee boy dog

1millie, Jan 14, 7:45 pm

St Albans Vet on Cranford Street did our boy cat just before Christmas for $80.

toweroflondon, Jan 14, 8:04 pm

cats protection league ring them and have chat they should be able help you out.male cost $20 desex and female is $40 they have a list at certain vets just ring and ask.if you have community service card they do it that price.we found kitten down river and we getting him fixed in next couple weeks cost $20 threw them

annekeandjo, Jan 14, 8:21 pm

call teh SPCA and ask which vets do cheap neutering . they will know
They have subsidies for people with community services cards .sometimes asmuch as 95%

canajanz1, Jan 14, 8:25 pm

cpl feline fix programme male cat $20 rig cpl office to organise and have different clinics to choose from

spca mobile free desexing caravan will be in christchurch in march ring rspca to book in

magdalena66, Jan 15, 4:51 am

you're asking for "cheap" and "good" in the same sentence!regardless of the service required, this doesn't make sense.

how much do you love your cat!perhaps you shouldn't have pets if you can't afford to offer them total healthcare without looking for cheap options.

cantab1971, Jan 15, 7:56 am

I disagree. Our circumstances can change in an instant, as some of us have found out in these Quakes.
And it doesnt mean we should get rid of our pets or dont love them because we look for cheap treatment.
Good on the OP for wanting to get him desexed unlike others who dont bother or just get rid of them.

unkwsolutions, Jan 15, 8:12 am

Animal and bird in Ferry Road have always been good to me - got my boy cat desexed around 3 years ago for $45 - may have gone up a little - worth giving them a call

vicky239, Jan 15, 9:13 am

Get off your high horse they're de-sexing the cat.The most expensive vets are not necessarily the best and they are wise to shop around for this service.

aphra1, Jan 15, 9:52 am

tempelton vets wer about 70 or 80 i think for our boy cat, try merival as wel as i am getting our dog fixed there next week, they are about $100 cheaper than other vets :) plus they are lovely people :)

steph1211, Jan 15, 10:20 am

The CPL discounted de-sexing is conducted in such a way that "good" is not an oxymoron in the same sentence. They do a fine job at a good clinic.

terraalba, Jan 15, 10:52 am


lizziep823, Jan 15, 10:54 am

You have made some very good postings in this e/q forum but I guess you must be having a bad day to post what you have.Blimey, some of us here in Chch would love to live on the smell of an oily rag, as in my case, I can't even afford the oil and I would love new clothes but my rags will have to do for now and I'm not dunking them in oil that I can't afford!

This owner is asking a considerate question which many of us don't have the courage or have too much pride to ask.Cheap and good are not oxymorons.Now go back to to being that lovely poster that we all know that you can be.

sikeres, Jan 15, 11:00 am

And on the same topic, ie: desexing, Please spread the word around that SPCA is doing free De-sexing in March.

unkwsolutions, Jan 15, 11:08 am

Awesome, will pass this on :-)

sikeres, Jan 15, 11:09 am

yeah, my bad actually sikeres. I thought i was on the pets message board. I have some valid points about cheap vets and the SPCA contibuting to the myth that pets are inexpensive and easy to own.and yes cheap de-sexing actually continues the myth and makes the situation worse.if you think about the big picture. pets are luxuries, and these SPCA initiatives are not helping.

Imagine what a person who is just scraping by is going to have decide when their pet faces somthing like chronic renal failure (probably because they fed it cheap food all its life too or didn't get regular checkups).you guessed it - euthanasia.its one of my soapbox issues.

In the context of this quake message board, i was well out of line and a tosser.

I apologise noah_moo.

cantab1971, Jan 15, 11:29 am

Ours got done free threw the cats protection leauge, mind u he was a stray that the neighbours left behind and we took in. I would try spca and place like that :-)

rotorhoe, Jan 15, 11:39 am

Bishopdale pet shop has a sign.we got ours done throguh those people. cant remember who but was a caring for animals type charity.was really cheap .maybe ph Bishopdale and ask !

kimmyflo, Jan 15, 4:56 pm

Ring Cats Protection league and explain your circumstances (nicely; they are a charity and rely on donations or the volunteers' own pockets). they will help if they can.

magrador, Jan 15, 11:08 pm

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