OT CHCH real estate agents - recommendations :)

euro-tech1, Jan 13, 6:33am
Denise Linnell, Ray white, she will work to do the best she can for you.

therocketman, Jan 13, 9:24am
It is sometimes better to act as if you don't know much but then ask the hard questions when you have to. You don't know what you don't know as the adage says.

jas.123, Jan 13, 9:32am
We have used phil joyce from harcourts papanui twice and we found him fantastic.

loopyloobi, Jan 13, 11:00pm
Trent or Caroline at Harcourts in Clyde Road are brilliant!

jacinta.r, Nov 21, 1:07am
Kevin Scott at Harcourts was fantastic when i purchased my place. spades a spade kinda fella.

hdmovies, Nov 21, 1:07am
Get advice from a conveyancing lawyer, rather than a real estate agent.

bootsy2003, Nov 21, 1:17am
I have found Heather Chick from Harcourts New Brighton to be very helpful a couple of times when I've purchased

lana_forman, Nov 21, 1:26am
Real estate agents work for the vendor, not you as the purchaser - don't forget that.

smoff79, Nov 21, 1:28am
just me but i would be as a first home buyer not to buy i this market

lankylass, Nov 21, 1:43am
Gone are the days when a real estate agent will drive a prospective purchaser around in the hope of finding them a suitable property.Nowadays it is up to the individual to look at property listings on web-sites; in the newspapers and in the real estate magazines and visit as many open homes as possible and find a suitable property for themselves.But as has been mentioned, a lawyer is the best person to talk to if you find a suitable property.Let your lawyer look through any agreement before you sign it.Good real estate agents put their energies into selling their houses for their clients, the vendors.They can only give a prospective purchaser information they know abouta property.They don't act for the purchaser too.Never forget that.

fuzzygrl, Nov 21, 1:55am
Lorraine Sheard from Harcourts, St Albans and Denise Linnell from Ray White were both very good to me and if I needed transport to/from a property (I don't drive) they tried their best to help me get there.

aphra1, Nov 21, 2:27am
Bollocks, there are plenty of hardworking salespeople who will be happy to take you around available listings.

lis-nick, Nov 21, 2:27am
OOh, I wouldn't use Heather Chick again, she came across as a fronter, and was a bit condescending. Not what you want when buying your first home.

codex3, Nov 21, 3:05am
**Cough** RE Agents work for no one but THEMSELVES **Cough**

hatfeild, Nov 21, 3:16am
hi there, this lady is awesome vicki tahau paton 0274578351. good luck on your first home!

jesssas, Nov 21, 3:21am
We used Joe Rosevear.Rosevear Wing and Associates. He is seriously a nice genuine guy. http://www.realestate.co.nz/offices/10081/agents/10102

fronta1, Nov 21, 3:49am
cough cough - and whats wrong with being a fronta!
but on a more serious note, yes there are plenty of salespeople out there who will help a buyer and listen to what they want. Good luck poster 1 and remember to get at least a builders inspection if not an engineers report clause put into your offer.,

emmabombemma, Nov 21, 3:56am
Dave Adams at Harcourts seems pretty good. We've looked at a few houses he was selling (ended up buying a different one though) but at the time he told us he had a "buyers agent" or something like that who would be happy to help us.

aphra1, Nov 21, 5:38am

bca4, Nov 21, 6:05am
i second Vicki Tahau Paton AWESOME PERSON to deal with :):):)

hdmovies, Nov 21, 6:17am
An estate agent isn't going to help you with a private sale. There's no commission in it for them. However a lawyer will be a lot of help. Go talk to Duncan Terris, he's very experienced, talks to customers in the appropriate manner, and when we used him 5 years ago was very competitively priced (something like $500 + GST + expenses, which were minimal).


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