Thorrington Primary School - Christchurch

emz1983, Jan 14, 6:45am
Can anyone please confirm if the above school offers an after school care facility! I've heard people say it does and others say it doesn't. I've checked their website and can't find anything but wanted to confirm. TIA

ness315, Jan 14, 7:02am
wait till the office opens and give them a call

emz1983, Jan 14, 7:03am
im moving from Wgtn to Chch and wanting to try and sort as much out as possible before I get there. Was hoping someone may know

girlsrus, Jan 14, 8:12am
there is afterschool care on the corner next to the school, lots of the kids go there.I'll see if i can find what it's called.

codex3, Jan 14, 8:14am
Do they have a website you can check up on!

shells23, Jan 14, 8:16am
whre is this school never heard of it !

girlsrus, Jan 14, 8:19am
It's called The Homework Club

"have 3 Homework Clubs, Cashmere, St Martins and Barrington. For more information parents can call me on021 274 1963"

emz1983, Jan 14, 8:29am
Thanks so much everyone - I will call the homework club and get some details :-)

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